How SEO Audit Tools Can Enable You To Discover SEO Errors

How SEO Audit Tools Can Enable You To Discover SEO Errors

Most agencies carry out an SEO audit to optimize their client’s site or help a business fix SEO mistakes. It enables the business to then get the necessary traffic and reach out to potential customers. This SEO audit report tool can help to sort any issues.  

This tool will evaluate your website and check its ability to appear in the Search Engine Result Pages or SERP. Google dominates the Search Engine market, and its share for use is over 70%. As such, your organic search supremacy is crucial for success.

So, let’s walk you through some of the ways the SEO audit report tool can help identify and fix problems.

Benchmark Your Website Ranking

You should know your market opposition before going deep into an on-page audit. Knowing about the market players helps to curate the right SEO and other website marketing strategies for your business. So, find the benchmark of your web profile ranking and position the tracking of your website using the SEMrush toolset.

Build Site-Specific Internal And External Links

Building external and internal site links is essential, and no site audit is complete without it. Here, internal links help you maintain the ‘authoritative hierarchies’ within your website. You can also find the anchor text from old content to link to new content. You can then view these using a chrome extension like MozBar. If you'd like to find out more, here's a detailed guide on how to get into MozBar.

On the other hand, external links increase your Domain Authority by earning links from the diversified set of authoritative domains. It will helps by featuring your content and establishing a link back to your site.

Perform The Site Crawl To Identify Mistakes

If a few website problems are still on your site, you can perform a site crawl to identify them. For example, if there are a few no index pages on your website then search engines cannot crawl that page. This means you are losing the opportunity to rank that page or drive traffic towards it. So, using site crawl can help you to find and fix these pages.

Look out for 404 error pages in the search findings, and URL's being deleted. You can try various tools to check what exactly is hurting your SEO ranking.

Check For The Google’s Webmaster Quality Guidelines

If your website violates the terms set by Google’s Webmaster Quality Guidelines, then your website can be issued a penalty. This will drop your search rankings. Until the issues are fixed and the manual action is revoked you cannot rank as high as other businesses.

This action is either site-wide or at page level. The worst scenario is that your website may get de-indexed completely. This means it cannot rank at all. To stop this from happening, it is necessary to use SEO audit report tools to help you know your site’s current status.

Bottom Line

An SEO audit helps businesses to acknowledge what’s holding their website back from performing well online. It will assist you in identifying the site’s issues, so you can fix them quickly. You can get free actionable SEO audit services from SERPWizz that works in less than 37 seconds. They have a complete toolkit to measure and track your SEO performance. Simply book a call and ask for a free trial.

Author Bio: My name is Celeste. I am a student at Austin College and I work for Kemistri. I am currently pursuing a business degree and am interested in entrepreneurship, before I start my career, I hope to get the chance to travel internationally.

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