How Gambling Companies Use Social Media Advantageously

How Gambling Companies Use Social Media Advantageously

Online gambling may be a multi-billion-dollar industry, but it’s also an incredibly competitive one. This makes it tough for companies to stand out from the crowd and make a name for themselves.

One way that aspiring online gambling companies can get their name out there and attract new customers is through the intelligent use of social media.

The gambling market is highly regulated, making it even tougher for companies to find new customers. Let alone keeping their existing players feeling engaged and valued. Yet, if you look hard enough, there are great examples of gambling companies that use clever social media strategies to boost their player numbers.

In this article, we will look at just a few of the ways in which online gambling companies have utilized social media to boost their brand.

Creating Hype

888 Casino used social media to create hype around blackjack which led to a renaissance in the popularity of the game online.

If you think about it, social media is all about hype and popularity. Sites such as Twitter base their entire model around what is trending right now, in your area.

Companies have been so successful in this that we often become an addict to the next big thing. Meaning we spend one day concerning ourselves with one passing trend and the next with another.

Traditionally, when we think of casinos our minds are cast to high-stakes poker tables and spinning roulette wheels. Sometimes as an afterthought, we might remember games like blackjack and craps. But, poker and roulette are the two games that dominate the headlines.

Well, recently 888 Casino, one of the oldest names in online gambling, changed that narrative by heavily investing in the promotion of blackjack on all their social media platforms. Sponsored ads recommending blackjack as ‘the next big thing’ began to pop up on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

In doing this, they created a real hype and buzz around their online blackjack games. And, by being the first to do so, inextricably linked their name to the game. The campaign was a massive success, boosting the operator’s playing numbers in the short-term. Additionally, they got their name out to a wider demographic in the long-term.

Sharing Knowledge

gambling companies and social media

Blogging gives online casinos the opportunity to directly engage with potential and existing customers. While also offering the chance to build brand loyalty.

Another way that gambling companies have had success on social media is by directly interacting with their followers. They do this by sharing knowledge and information.

While slots may be the most popular of all casino games, gambling companies know that it would be foolish to pin all their hopes on slots. To get true value from their customers, they have to encourage them to play a wide selection of casino games.

That’s why many leading operators produce their own blogs. Often, these are written by industry experts or even professional gamblers. These blogs contain handy articles, explaining the rules of intimidating games. For example, baccarat, or sharing the terminology used by professional poker players. They even analyze different roulette strategies.

The aim of these articles is to empower the readers to give a casino game a go. Especially if they are too scared to try. Or conversely, to allow existing players to continue learning about the game they love.

As well as teaching their customers, online gambling companies know that they will also be strengthening their bond with their clients with every article that they post. Every time a customer reads an article about blackjack on their favorite operator’s website, they are increasing their brand loyalty and trust in the company.

Another extra benefit of this approach is when a person Google’s ‘how to play Blackjack’, they are more likely to be greeted with blog posts and social media posts from a trusted operator. Thereby making them more likely to choose them as a supplier when they decide to play.

Being ‘You’

If you follow soccer in the UK, there is one specific company that comes to mind when you think about placing a bet.

That’s not to say that there is a sparsity of sports betting companies in the UK. Rather it is to say that there is only one that has managed to intertwine itself so deeply into the culture of the sport through social media.

When Manchester United lose, Liverpool fans take to social media to laugh and poke fun at their rival fans. Similarly, when Liverpool slump to another disappointing defeat,Twitter and Facebook are full of smug Manchester United fans.

The response of most sports betting companies to these defeats is to matter-of-factly Tweet about it. Or, perhaps link to their upcoming sportsbooks. One provider, however, gets on board with the online slanging match. They actively ridicule the fans of losing teams.

In doing that, they become ‘you'. They begin to represent everything that the normal soccer fan identifies with. So much so that fans regularly go straight to their Twitter page after a big match to see what funny videos or wry Tweets they have come out with.

This approach makes the company much more than a sports betting provider. This makes them a vital part of the match day experience. Even those who never place a bet know all about the company. Therefore, if they decide to bet on soccer, they have only one provider in mind.

In Summary

Operating an online gambling company in the current market is a difficult business, as there are competitors everywhere, all vying to grab a bigger slice of the market share.

Social media, however, provides a great platform for companies to stand out from the crowd and connect directly with potential and existing customers.

As this article shows, there are several different ways in which online gambling companies can use social media to their advantage. However, the landscape is constantly changing and strategies that work well today may not work so well in the coming years.

The next time you see a campaign from your favorite gambling provider, ask yourself what they are trying to achieve.

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