Guided Selling & CPQ Software

Guided Selling & CPQ Software

Guided selling is the act of helping prospective buyers and sellers of products and services to decide the product that fits their needs easily. Due to this, customers eventually buy the right product because they get proper guidance from product sellers, increasing their conversion rate.

It is a popular term that takes its origin from eCommerce and is vital to B2B businesses. If you want to sell technical and complex products, guided selling is essential, especially with the inclusion of CPQ software. This article aims to enlighten you about guided selling and CPQ software.

A criterion for guided selling software is ensuring recommendations are buildable. Therefore, all sales models must undergo confirmation by the engineers. By doing so, sales and engineering must work together. Read the advantages of guided selling software.

Advantages of Guided Selling Software

These are a compilation of some of the advantages of the guided selling software as it has quite a number of them with helpful tools. They are;

1. Better Understanding

Better understanding is one of the most significant advantages. End users precisely like this because they are at the center of the operation. Aside from getting what they need, they also quickly answer questions. This process improves trust and a positive impression that makes prospective customers buy your product.

2. Knowledge Assurance

Automating your advising work and capturing your sales model in rules makes you even more knowledgeable. By doing this, you quickly and easily train new advisors. In addition, the proper software helps directly administer new insights, ensuring they are available for all salespeople, dealers, or customers.

3. Lesser Errors

As a result of the close relationship between sales and engineering, end users get their desired product, ensuring their satisfaction.

It is almost certain that if you decide to start dealings with CPQ software, you will have involvement with guided selling. It is because they complement and enhance each other. Therefore, you will better understand the relationship between CPQ software and guided selling in this portion.

The Relationship Between CPQ and Guided Selling

Before we fully begin, you must understand how guided selling is helpful to your CPQ software. It is essential to note that a good product configurator may not be sufficient for complex products.

In guided selling CPQ, you must help your CPQ-software user purchase the desired end product. Therefore, you will have to ask your user simple and easily answerable questions. It means that you are not to throw technical questions that are too complex at the user. By doing so, you aid users of your configurator to make good selections easily.

1. Ensure Clarity and Certainty

Guided selling CPQ makes your configurator easy to use. This ease will reduce questions since there is more clarity. Also, it yields to you receiving a notification that shows different conflicting choices with an alternative.

As a result, whoever uses your configurator will get appropriate and relevant assistance with adequate knowledge. The full support that this brings is excellent for the sales pitch.

2. Focus on Customers’ Needs

CPQ software is inevitable to sell products that are technical and complex. Therefore, you not only need to design the CPQ software well, but you also need to add a layer of guided selling CPQ. By doing this, end-users have more reach for the product, as mentioned earlier.

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