Four Simple Ways to Enhance Your Business’s About Page

Don’t underestimate how important your business website’s About page is. It’s your chance to tell visitors about your founding story and show off your accomplishments and successes.

Your About page should also give answers to the most important questions that new customers have about your business. And it should be written and presented in a way that enables visitors to connect more personally with you and your brand.

There are several simple ways in which you can enhance your business’s About page. Here are four you’ll want to consider.

Four Simple Ways to Enhance Your Business’s About Page

1. Write Your Story in an Engaging and Informative Manner

Telling your website’s visitors about your backstory is a great way of connecting more personally with them. You should inform people of how your company started, what your mission is, and briefly describe the products or services you offer.

Your story is the main element of your About page, so ensure you write it in a way that engages people. It should be concise, grammatically correct, use simple language, and have a personal feel.

Elements of your story could include:

  • Why you founded the company.
  • What you do and who you are.
  • Which problems your business solves.
  • What sets your business apart from the competition.
  • Your company’s goals.

If you’re not an expert in writing content, you should consider hiring a content writer who can help you in crafting your story in a way that’s sure to connect with readers.

2. Present the Faces Behind Your Business

By showing the faces of the real people behind your business, you can better connect with your site’s visitors. In turn, that can lead to more conversions. So, include headshots of you and your team on your About page and give brief details about who you all are and what your roles in the company are.

You could even use an introductory video to enable potential visitors to get to know you and your team and connect with your brand on a human level.

3. Use the Right Imagery

Photographs of the real people behind your company aren’t the only visuals you should include on your About page. You could use photos of your products and other relevant imagery on your About page, but make sure it doesn’t become too cluttered.

Utilizing whitespace appropriately is just as important as the visuals that you use. If you don’t understand how to best place images on web pages, learn some basic UX and UI design methods to make sure you get it right, or hire a UX and UI designer.

Regardless of the imagery that you use in the foreground of your About page, you’ll also want to consider the visual elements of the background. For one thing, you’ll want to make sure the images and colors you use to tie in with your branding.

One of the best ways of enhancing your About page is to use a collage of images as the background. You can then present your business better and let prospective customers understand your brand more clearly.

Get started by playing around with an online picture collage maker to help you create beautiful and professional-looking photo collages.

The right imagery and the right visual presentation can majorly enhance your business’s About page, especially when it’s used in conjunction with the right written content.

4.     Build Trust and Increase Conversions by Using Customer Quotes on Your About Page

It's a good idea to include a few quotes from customers on your About page too so that visitors can see how accomplished your company is and how happy your customers are.

In today’s modern business landscape, ratings and reviews play a key role in success. By including real customer quotes on your About page, you can build trust and gain more conversions.

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