Family Conflict That Cannot Be Resolved: What Should You Do?

Family Conflict That Cannot Be Resolved

Family conflicts are common in divorce cases. But, if parties discover better conflict resolution strategies, they could resolve the issues effectively. For many divorcing couples, at least one party doesn't want to get divorced. Or, wants to use elements of the divorce to hurt the other party.

How a person conducts themselves in a divorce case could determine the outcome. Thus, they set precedents for how life will be after the divorce. Especially, if the couple shares children. By learning what to do when conflicts arise, couples in a divorce case don't have to endure a nightmare. This allows many couples to end their marriage without permanent damage.

Consider Mediation Services 

Mediation services are helpful when parties are divorcing. This allows each party to discuss grievances. The process allows each party and their legal counsel to attend. The attorneys will go over each detail of the divorce to arrive at an agreement.

An uncontested divorce is easier if both parties agree to the terms, and the spouses may avoid a divorce trial. However, if the clients cannot reach an agreement on their own, there is no choice but to set up a divorce trial. Unfortunately, these can take two years to finalize. Spouses that need help with a divorce case can start by contacting Conditsis Lawyers now.

Listen to the Other Party

In a divorce case, a major obstacle is the inability to listen to understand instead of listening to respond. By really listening to each other, spouses can reach an agreement without extra stress. Divorces are difficult for everyone, and divorce for some individuals indicates failure.

This doesn't have to happen if both parties can listen and understand each other's points of view. While one party may not want the divorce, the person should listen to their spouse's reasoning. Trying to understand and accept the end of the marriage is important for moving forward.

Consider the Big Picture

Parties who are getting divorced and have children often place their children in the line of fire. This means that at least one party tries to use the children as leverage. Or, may play unnecessary games when discussing child custody.

By stepping back and looking at the big picture, the couple can create a parenting plan that works. It shouldn't place the children in a hostile environment. If the couple can see the big picture, each party sees the best plan for the kids. Thus, they don't use the children just to hurt each other.

Participating in Co-parenting Workshops

Co-parenting is a part of the divorce process, and these are skills that each party needs. A co-parenting workshop helps the couple learn how to balance responsibilities and raise the children together. The courses show the individuals how to resolve conflicts and work together.

Too often, parents who share custody become hostile. Often they make negative statements about each other in front of the children. By learning how to co-parent, the couple finds new ways to manage responsibilities. Thereby learning how to put the children's feelings and needs above their own.

Discuss the Facts

When approaching a divorce, the parties should focus on the facts of the case and not present false allegations. For instance, if infidelity is the divorce grounds used in the case, the plaintiff shouldn't present information that isn't true regardless of the circumstances.

If a spouse cheated, the case should show facts such as the other party in the affair, evidence that substantiates the extramarital activities, and how long the affair was. While the person may want to, the individual should never present the other party as a bad parent because of adultery. While, yes, the offending spouse caused irreparable damage to the marriage, how well the person treats the kids and manages the responsibilities of their children should be the determining factor that measures whether the parent is good or bad.

Compromise Is Not An Ugly Word

When managing a marital estate, debts, and taxes, many couples could reduce the time to finalize a divorce by being willing to compromise. While each party in a divorce may not have the same earning potential or financial resources, the individuals must review each of these requirements based on what's fair. Mediation can help couples learn to compromise and discuss what really matters going forward.

Release All Negative Emotions

Before either party speaks to each other, a release of all negative emotions is critical. A beneficial way to manage these emotions is through individual counseling. Some parties have a difficult time managing the emotions that surface during a divorce. But, a screaming match won't solve conflict and is often damaging for both parties.

When children are involved, negative emotions can become harmful to them as well. For many couples, an effective solution is for the couple to refrain from speaking to each other until cooler heads prevail. Instead, allow the attorneys to manage communications at least temporarily.

Articulate Your Feelings Maturely

Many mental health practitioners recommend using "I" messages when speaking to a spouse during mediation. The process can be helpful when articulating the person's feelings. If the person makes statements starting with, "I feel," instead of assigning blame and making accusations, the lines of communication are more open. The statements could come from a place of anger or sorrow. However, how the party speaks to their spouse could prevent further conflicts.

For many couples, the divorce process becomes a hellish nightmare. But, each party has the power to make the process easier. Many divorces become less painful for the couple and their children. This is often because of how the parties listen to each other to understand instead of listening to respond.

After all, these two people once loved each other enough to try to spend the rest of their lives together. For those who have children, divorce can present new challenges. But, learning how to resolve conflicts could help each party avoid irreparable damage to themselves and their kids. Mediation and developing new conflict management skills can help couples finalize a divorce and get started on their new lives.

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