Everything you need to know about obtaining a crypto license in Poland

crypto license in poland

Poland is a large country in Eastern Europe, which today is very promising for developing the IT industry. If your company is in the crypto industry, you can quickly get a Poland crypto license and work legally. It will allow you not only to expand the market but also to develop actively once you have the necessary crypto license in Poland.

Features of obtaining a crypto license in Poland

Poland does not yet have a well-thought-out legal system that can regulate the crypto industry, but this country is already taking the first steps in this direction. So, reasonably simple licensing processes have been developed here. Any crypto company can operate legally, provided it has received a license in Poland or any other European country.

If you want to get a work permit in Poland, you need to go through several necessary steps:

  • Register a company;
  • Get PESEL;
  • Apply for a license.

Each stage has its characteristics, so it is worth discussing them in more detail.

Registration of a company in Poland

If you want to get a license, then you need to register your company first. To do this, you need to collect a package of documents that you can submit remotely from anywhere in the world.

You also need to create 2 electronic signatures. You need to pay state fees related to building a legal entity. Also, you should immediately prepare the first tax return to the tax office and the register of beneficiaries.

You also need to rent a mailbox for 1 year.

After you submit documents for legal entity registration, the state authorities have a few days to decide. The failure process is minimal here.

Getting a PESEL

Every legal entity and individual in Poland must have a PESEL - a personal tax number. You can get it remotely. To do this, you need to provide a translation of a certified copy of the director's passport under an apostille (if the document is insured by a foreign notary and not by a Polish consulate).

The PESEL process takes up to 30 days. If you are in another country, you can receive the document by mail. Next, you need to contact the Polish embassy to activate it.

Registration in the register of organizations that work in the field of cryptocurrencies

You must prepare the documents and pay the fees and the AML procedure in Polish at this stage. You have only 14 days to enter crypto companies' registers. In the future, you will have the opportunity to extend this period for another 2 weeks if you do not have time to get all the documents.

Primary requirements

Poland does not place significant demands on crypto companies. In general, regulators look at only 2 indicators - the absence of a criminal record among the owner and shareholders and the presence of competence and reputation.

So, if you have had experience in the crypto industry and company management in the past, you have the necessary set of knowledge and skills. You will not have problems with obtaining a crypto license. There will also be problems if you previously had issues with the law.

It would be best if you had a well-thought-out business plan, which will spell out the main functions your company will perform, what services it will provide, where you will get funding from, and so on.

How can you simplify the process of obtaining a license?

The easiest and most reliable way to obtain a license is to contact Gofaizen-Sherle specialists. Their lawyers know well the peculiarities of the work of state bodies in Poland and know what to pay attention to when drawing up documents.

The responsibilities of their specialists include:

  • Full consultation on obtaining a license;
  • Checking how your company meets the requirements;
  • Assistance with paperwork;
  • Checking the correctness of paperwork and much more.

After cooperating with their company, you can issue a power of attorney for our specialist. They will represent your interests in government agencies, send documents on your behalf, and much more.

Their specialists are always customer-oriented and try to develop the terms of cooperation so that you feel as comfortable and convenient as possible. You can safely say what you expect from a partnership and what results you want to achieve.


Obtaining a license is a complicated process and no less complicated when wanting to secure a crypto license in Poland.  As such, this is best left to professionals to handle. It will allow you to focus on other, more important matters by putting the licensing process in the hands of people who know what they are doing.

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