Efficient Twitter Marketing with TweetJukeBox

Efficient Twitter Marketing with Tweet JukeBox 600Promotion and social media drive sales, making networks like Facebook and Twitter an invaluable part of any marketing plan. Of course, working with Twitter has a distinct downside—time. Sending out regular, relevant tweets takes a lot of time. You've automated your email marketing. You schedule your blog posts. Have you thought about how you can schedule tweets using automation?


Tweet is all about Twitter. Through this easy-to-use platform, you can schedule tweets, automate “thank you” tweets for mentions and gather a ton of data about tweet performance. Imagine being able to setup all the tweets you need for a week in one day. How much time will it take to take it live? You could set aside time Monday morning to handle Twitter, spend a few hours working on a blog post and get on with the rest of your job. No more long days spent frantically promoting your content.

Tweet JukeBox combines all of these features along with the ability to recycle content and use pre-loaded tweets.  While there is no comparison to live tweeting, there are times to use a tool like this to enhance and supplement the live tweeting that your business does.

Efficient Twitter Marketing with Tweet JukeBox

Selecting a Playlist

When you use Tweet JukeBox, it's a lot like selecting a playlist. You can create and schedule your own tweets, or use the pre-loaded content. The platform includes inspirational quotes and pictures that go out automatically, based on the timing you select. Essentially, you can send out the pre-loaded content during regular hours and send out your homegrown tweets during high-traffic times.

With the combination of curated tweets and self-promotion, you can maximize audience engagement. Plus, you can find pre-written tweets specifically for your industry. They'll auto post until there are none left. Then, they will restart at the beginning. You'll never have idle time on Twitter.

Boost Audience Engagement

The automatic thank you feature also helps keep engagement numbers high. Every time you get a mention or a re-tweet, you can send an automatic thank you tweet. You stay in contact with the people that help promote your content, all without spending hours on the Twitterverse.

Exceptional Analytics

Another great feature embedded in Tweet JukeBox is the ability to see every mention, organized in easy to understand graphs. Over time, you can track your biggest and most successful promoters. You can even break them down by volume and reach, so you can see who mentions you the most and who offers the most value with every mention.

Build Your Social Presence and Promotional Engine

With Tweet JukeBox, you can automate a lot of your promotional activities. Every time you post a blog, you can send out an accompanying tweet. Then set up a schedule of automatic reminders to go out about your new content. The possibilities are endless, and with automation, you can free up your time to work on direct earning activities.

Starting with a robust free version, Tweet Jukebox is a tool to consider to enhance your Twitter marketing!

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