Eco-Friendly Communication in Business

Eco-Friendly Communication in Business

Eco-friendly communication is a great way to make your company a little greener. But you may not know where to start. Going digital is a great place to begin, but there is so much more to the concept than that. Changes are needed across the board, so here are some more ideas.

Cut the Use of Printer Ink

Printer ink can be a scourge in your personal and business life. First, most ink suppliers limit their printers to first-party replacements these days, so you are forced to pay over the odds for their ink or toner. Second, it doesn’t last as long as it used to. And third, there is a lot of waste and plastic involved. One simple idea is to just use rubber stamps for your letterheads and other official communications. These last much longer and are highly customizable for your business.

Electronic Billing and Statements

You’ve probably already thought about going digital, and some of the services you use may offer this, too. Too much paper is wasted these days, and with the prevalence of electronic communication, there isn’t much need for sending out paper billing and invoices to customers. E-billing can completely remove the need for paper with apps like Invoicely, Quickbooks, and Zoho Invoice. However, always leave this optional, as not all customers use electronic devices.

Energy and Eco-Friendly Communication

With over 15 billion mobile devices alone, it’s fair to say that we rely on a lot of energy. The same is true for businesses, almost all of which have company smartphones, laptops, and tablets. This also means you can use more energy than you need to, even though mobile devices are more energy efficient than plugged-in ones such as desktop PCs. An energy plan should include charging efficiency, energy-saving features, and switching off unused devices.

Email Only Memos and Reports

Like E-billing, you can save energy and costs by going paperless with internal communications. For instance, letting people know about an upcoming meeting via a printed sheet is a waste of ink and paper. Especially when you consider that all employees have a company email address. Digital communication should really be used for all internal dealings where paper just isn’t necessary. It’s faster for a start and requires no other resources than the time it takes to write.

Re-Think Your Product Packaging

This isn’t really about communication in the traditional sense. But you can communicate eco-friendly policies by changing how your products are shipped. Many companies these days are scrapping plastic altogether and using only paper for packaging such as cardboard boxes, padding, and even cable ties. I also help to partner with logistics services who think the same way. And going out of your way to do this helps customers identify with your new green policy.


Cutting paper and ink helps with eco-friendly communication at your business. A new energy policy can also reduce how much your company uses. And changing the way in which you package products helps send the right message to your customer about your green initiative.

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