Dutton Lending: Lingo To Know Before Applying For a Loan

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When taking out a loan or filling out the application, there are a few key terms and phrases people need to know. Dutton Lending has been helping people with personal loans for a while now, and the goal is always the same: to simplify the process and allow people to live stress-free lives.

Here's a quick guide to some of the most important vocabulary that might seem foreign to first-timers. Knowing some of the basic lingo makes everything much more straightforward. If you have any other questions, contacting a company like Dutton Lending will help walk you through a loan.


This is the amount of money borrowed and is the starting point for all repayments. Knowing how much is left after each payment is crucial to sticking to a repayment plan that makes sense.

People should always have a good idea of where their principal stands after each payment. There are usually breakdowns as to what money goes towards the principal and when it goes towards interest. Seeing the principal number dwindle is very satisfying for anyone who takes out a large loan.


Interest is calculated as a percentage of the principal. This is how lenders make money. They charge a varying rate dependent on several factors.

A person's interest rate can depend on their credit score, how much money they need to take out, the repayment schedule, and so much more. Ideally, applicants are looking for the best interest rate possible, so they don’t pay too much extra on the loan.

Loan Term

This is the length of time a person has to repay a loan. It can vary from a few months to several years. The shorter the loan term, the faster it is paid off. That usually means less interest paid in the grand scheme of things. Online options like what’s available from Dutton Lending have made it very easy to pick the correct long-term.

Repayment Schedule

The best way to describe a repayment schedule is that it is a plan outlining how much a person needs to repay each month. It helps to keep people on track by whittling down the principle. Once everything breaks down into a repayment schedule, it’s much easier to manage.


Defaulting on a loan happens when a payment is missed. It can also happen when there's a late payment, and the lender is looking for answers. Some companies give a person one or two late payment passes, but missing too often triggers a bigger issue. Defaulting on a loan can severely impact an individual's credit score.

Funding Time

This is the amount of time it takes for funds to be deposited into a person's account after being approved for a loan. Thanks to online lenders like Dutton Lending, funding time is much faster than in the past. There are instances where people can get their money in as little as one business day so that they have a fast turnaround time.

Keep in mind that there can be some delays with funding depending on where the money is going. To have a better understanding of funding time, take a look at specific details provided by banks or other locations for the deposit.

Promissory Note

A promissory note is just another term for a loan agreement. This is a document that a person signs when applying for a loan. It is an agreement that has all the details, including interest rates, payment amounts, and all the consequences for missing payments.

If there are any discrepancies on a promissory note, bring it up before signing on the dotted line. Once signed, a lender can do everything possible to get the money back as outlined.

Tips on Applying for a Loan for the First Time

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When considering taking out a loan online, it's essential to research and compare different lenders before making a decision. Here are a few things to remember when looking for answers about online loans.

Make sure to understand the terms and conditions of the loan before signing anything. Unfortunately, there are a lot of lenders out there that try to be misleading with their terms and conditions. All of a sudden, a person signs up for something that they didn’t realize at first.

Compare interest rates, fees, and repayment terms before choosing a lender. There are more options out there than ever before with lenders. While Dutton Lending is one of the best out there, people don’t notice the difference until they look at all the other options available.

Read reviews from other borrowers to get an idea of their experience. Actual customer reviews will be the best way to understand how the experience goes.

Ask questions as much as possible. If unsure about something, don't hesitate to contact the lender for more information. Dutton Lending is one company that is always ready to answer questions before moving forward.

Is Taking Out A Loan Smart?

There are both positive and negative aspects to taking out a loan. On the positive side, a loan can give someone the financial resources they need to make a major purchase or invest in the future. It can also help consolidate debt and improve credit scores in a relatively short amount of time.

On the other hand, loans can also be a source of financial stress if they are not managed properly. Falling behind on payments may damage a person’s credit score and constitute paying more interest and fees. People should always carefully consider whether taking out a loan is the right decision for them or not. With that said, plenty have made the most of loans and thrived afterward.

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