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Gaining traction online and improving your digital sales funnel are key goals of nearly all businesses online. As many of you regular readers know, my goal is to help you do this and to make it practical and doable by taming the social and digital overwhelm you can encounter and give you straight and simple tips and tactics you can employ.

In This Episode:

In this podcast, I outline and describe a number of simple tips that can help improve your digital marketing strategy.  Each point fits under the overall Digital Marketing Strategy Keys that make-up a powerful online sales funnel model. This strategy has 3 keys:

  1. Attraction and Engagement
  2. Lead Capture and Lead Nurture
  3. Sales Conversion and Measurement

I break my tips below to fit under these three categories so you can easily find and dive into the area where you need the most help! Let's dive in!!

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"Evergreen" content is important!

It's the process of "recycling" your best content socially by having a plan to re-share it.  Create a plan to re-share your best content socially on bi-weekly or a monthly basis!

Find ways in your new blog posts to link to some of your best evergreen content to help strengthen your post.

Also, consider how you can take existing valuable content and re-purpose it in another form.  Visual media is hot!  Do you have lists in a blog post that can be converted into a infographic for use in a new post or to share on Pinterest and link back to your post?

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Example of a Evergreen Post of mine: How to Get all Notifications from a Facebook Page.  Current Page Rank on Google is #1 -3.


Titles in blog posts MATTER

Titles in blog posts MATTER for SEO and social sharing!  Choose your title wisely by doing keyword research!

Listen to the podcast to catch my recommendations for keyword and title tools!

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Facebook users have up to 1500 posts to potentially see

Facebook users have up to 1500 posts from friends and pages they could see each day!

Want your posts to be seen?  Make your posts count by being attractive and engaging!  Post Planner founder Josh Parkinson calls it "Chumming the Waters."  Whatever you call it, you need to be offering some valuable content that draws your fans and followers in to engage with your posts.  By engaging, they can see more of your future posts, such as a link to your new blog post and thereby you are driving more traffic to your blog!

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Your last 50 Facebook Interactions Matter!

Did you know?? Facebook takes into account the last 50 interactions as part of determining what content each user see's in the future!

Have your posts gotten a "Like" or "comment" lately?  They need it!

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Landing Pages Convert When Simple and Solely Focused!

Landing Pages must be clean, simple and focused ONLY on getting the user to submit!

Using a blog post or standard web page as a landing page adds to many distracting links.  Landing page should have one simple focus >>> Inform and get the visitor to opt-in.

Go for lowest number of form fields as possible to increase sign-ups.  Two fields, name and email, are recommended.

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Facebook Tab Apps Offer Lead Generation

Facebook Page App Promotions for Deals & Sweepstakes are great Lead Generation opportunities!

Contests and giveaways are a great way to promote your business. Whether a contest in the News Feed or a Photo Contest  there are many ways to easily run a contest that can drive engagement and new business!  Fans can have a chance to win or to get the coupon, while your business grows your email list with the ability to nurture market to the fans via email in the future!

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Lead Gen Boxes Help Increase Conversions

Lead generation boxes on your blog increase sign-ups.  Sign-ups build your email list so you can market to them in the future.  Your email list is CRITICAL to be growing!

A lead generation box like at the end of this post is a simple method that can deliver great results.

A sign-up box with an incentive such as a ebook offer is a great way to connect further with your audience.   Just the simple method of having the box to sign-up is a visual that can add valuable numbers to your list.

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Simple Sign-up Box Tool:

Tools like "Magic Action Box" for WordPress sites offer easy lead capture box automation. You don't need to be a coder to set these up!

Learn more via my Partner link:  > Magic Action Box

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Social Network Insights are Valuable.  Track it.

Review your Google Analytics to see what social networks are sending you the most traffic.  This is valuable information that can guide where you should be spending more time socially!

Under "Acquisition" in your Google Analytics, go to "Social" to get more detail on what social networks are driving the most traffic to your website!

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Creating a content calendar can help you plan ahead and strategically create content!  By mapping out a month ahead you can plan for the digital funnel strategy of 50% content being "Attraction and Engagement" focused; 30% being "Lead Capture and Nurture" focused, and 20% being "Sales Conversion."

Calendars that can help:



Pam Moore Marketing Nut

CoSchedule Content and Social Calendar for WordPress


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Track Conversions by Setting Goals

Tracking when users make a purchase or opt-in on lead capture pages is critical to success.   Add tracking Goals to Google Analytics to help you measure conversions.

The concept is to add code to your "thank you" or "check-out pages" so that only when a user completes the sign-up or purchase can they reach these pages.  This tells Google Analytics that the goal was met and it helps you measure the ROI on your campaigns to drive traffic to increase sign-ups and sales.

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Bonus Tip:

These are key metric item you should be watching...



A / B Tests Narrow Down Variables Impacting Conversions

Try different versions of your sales offer to test variations for best action.   It's to basic to say, "I guess this one didn't work."

Variations can include:

  • Different headline copy
  • Different Images
  • Different form fields
  • Different copy

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That's it for now!  These tips are aimed to help you walk away with some ideas for ways you can strengthen parts of your Digital Marketing.

Any questions?  Post below!


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