CRM Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

CRM Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

Are you an entrepreneur who is juggling a lot of data and information? Or are you someone who looks after the customer relationship in your business? If yes then you definitely know that CRM can be difficult and tricky.

It needs constant attention and keeping yourself updated with all the relevant information. There are many applications that are available that people can use. Especially all the new entrepreneurs out there or people with new businesses, so let’s dive in.

Best CRM mobile apps for Small Businesses


Salesforce is a very popular and highly customizable application that has multi-features sales and marketing CRM.

It offers you features like lead management, marketing automation, sales data management, and partner management. Customers can track information and also interactions all in one place.

Salesforce also offers artificial intelligence called Einstein with which customers can sync their email and calendar to automate the recording of emails and events sent through Gmail.


Lio is a great app that is perfect for small business owners to manage their clients and other data well. With Lio, you can organize every aspect of your work and keep a tab on everything.

With the many templates offered, you can have different folders for all kinds of data. You can also create your own template based on what you require.

Some of the best features of the app are that it lets you collaborate with other people and work on the same file in real time. You can upload external files, pictures, keep track of your cash inflow, and many other things.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

This is a multi-features CRM with features like activity dashboard, configurable workflow, document management, goat setting and tracking, collaboration tools, Microsoft Outlook integration, real-time analytics, social media integrations and so much more.

CRM mobile app

It helps you connect to email, calendar, and contact data with the outlook/exchange sync feature. It also has a lead scoring and list building/validation feature that lets customers edit CRM data. You can also prioritize the leads and work on them as per your needs and requirements.

One of the other popular features is the set of social listening tools that allows one to learn what your followers or contacts are tweeting about that can help you understand their needs.


Zendesk is an open and flexible CRM that integrates with your mobile app. They provide customer engagement, sales automation, customer support, 24/7 community, and knowledge base to help users make the most of CRM and much more.

Zendesk is great for both small and large businesses and is especially ideal for industries such as retail, healthcare, government organizations, telecom, finance, manufacturing, and media.


Another popular customer relationship management solution, PipeDrive manages customers and sales altogether. It offers an overview of the company’s sales pipeline and helps towards making the work more efficient.

With Pipeline, one can manage upcoming calls, emails, tackle unread mails, meetings, overdue activities, and editing or adding new ones. Salespeople can find leads, get their contact information, and get follow-ups and note prompts.

The app also offers custom sales reporting tools that enable the team to monitor individual and team targets.


It offers integration with Yahoo, Gmail, and Outlook. PipeDrive also enables transferring contact details, communication history, and other important information.

Some significant features of Pipedrive CRM include a custom dashboard, collaboration tools, calendar/task, forecasting and analytics, reporting, contact management, file management, and sales automation.


The app Nutshell is an affordable and easy-to-use CRM solution for new business owners. The app integrates with several third-party apps and services and offers all the features that are required from lead to conversion.

Nutshell also offers business intelligence functionality and extensive customer support. In Nutshell, teams can monitor deals, identify gaps, measure their sales performance, and analyze metrics to improve sales. It also assists with everyday tasks, streamlining workflows, and managing follow-ups


Perfect for small to medium businesses, Zoho integrates many existing software solutions like Sharepoint, Microsoft Office, Google Docs, etc. With this businesses can connect with their customers via multiple channels to include email, social media, chat, phone, etc.

This CRM mobile app provides real-time visitors alert, gamification, and leads prediction along with notifications for open emails, website visits, campaign activity, social mentions, and more. Have any doubt, chat with the bot and get all your doubts sorted.

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