Content Marketing vs SEO: Where Should You Focus?

Content Marketing vs SEO: Where Should You Focus?

Lots of people are so focused on SEO for organic traffic that they put all of their eggs in one basket. The reality is that SEO is extremely important but it is not the only way to bring traffic to a website.

Content marketing is also very effective. In fact is can be more effective than a strict SEO strategy to bring in traffic. Depending on your site and niche you may not even want to focus on SEO at all.

In this article, we will go over the differences of content marketing vs SEO so you can see for yourself which is going to work better for you.

Use both systems in tandem

There is no SEO without content. This is why agencies like offer content services alongside their SEO system. Content is still king after all.

For many websites or online businesses, you have to have both strategies working to deliver effective results. After all, you won’t get organic traffic to your articles if there is little content or nothing informative.

On the other hand, content marketing should not just rely on social media and Youtube so SEO is important to have working as well. In the case of content marketing, you should have a good understanding of technical SEO to make sure the site is set up on a good foundation.

When it comes to SEO while using a heavy content marketing strategy, you need to make sure that Google understands what your site is about so it can properly rank your articles.

When things get tough

If your site is based around very competitive keywords then SEO can be very costly and not deliver the results you expect for the money. It won’t matter if you have all of the technical aspects sorted out. Ranking will be very difficult especially if the site is new.

When this is the case, it is a good idea to focus your efforts on content marketing so you rely less on Google. This system encompasses a variety of methods to bring in traffic. With a lot of different levers to pull, it can bring in a lot more traffic but it can be less passive than SEO.

Having an active social media following is essential so you have to understand your audience well. Delivering content that they will respond to will take quite a bit of testing to get right.

Creating a brand

If you are looking to create a recognizable brand then content marketing is the way to go. You’ll need to work with many different channels to get the word out there about what your brand is about.

Social media is important, but you also have to have a presence on Youtube with informative and helpful content in video form. Rounding things out should be a podcast in which you expound in detail about the topic your site is about without promoting too heavily.

Over time you will have created a mini empire in your field and will be recognized as an authority.

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