Cold Calling: 5 Tips to Close More Sales

Cold Calling: 5 Tips to Close More Sales

When you’re trying to close more cold call sales, it helps to have great technique in your toolkit. Following these tips can get you well on your way to developing a sure fire cold calling system that gives you more sales than objections and rejections. You’ll also see a better customer experience, which also amounts to more closed sales.

1. Make It a Real Conversation

Every great automotive phone training tells its trainees that one of the biggest tricks to successful cold calling is to have a real conversation with a potential client. Simply reading a script rarely gets the job done. People don’t just trust a stranger on the phone, so it’s important to build a rapport. That means not focusing so much on the sale and making the prospect feel that you’re just as invested in their advancement as you are your own. Don’t do all of the talking. Allow them to speak and ask questions. One sided sales calls don’t usually result in a closed sale.

2. Don’t Be a Stranger

Before making a cold call, it helps to not be a complete stranger to whomever you’re calling. This simply means that they’ve either come across your business, product or service before in their mailbox, in their email or through another channel. A call out of nowhere can be a little off-putting and create a larger gap to bridge. Warming a potential client up with an introductory email or another communication creates a multi-touch strategy that returns better results. And even after an unsuccessful cold call, sending a follow up communication can make a big difference to whether or not they decide to take your offer in the future.

3. Get Your Timing Right

More than the time of day that you make your call, the time of the year or season can impact your cold calling success rates. For instance, farmers have more need for fertilizers in the early spring, so trying to sell them fertilizer late in the fall may not go so well. Understand the industry timelines for the target market that you’re selling to. This will improve your sales rates and ROI. When it comes to the best time of day to make cold calls, this will also vary according to your target market. But in general calling between 4 pm and 6 pm typically yields better outcomes.

4. Be Personal

A generic script isn’t the best way to go. Cold calls should be tailored to the individual or business you’re calling. Make the call interactive, and ask them questions that help you better understand their business needs and goals. When they realize that you’re really trying to help them and are interested in making them better, closing the sale won’t be so difficult.

5. Have a Feedback Loop

Recording calls help to pinpoint what went right in a call and what went wrong. Taking notes during calls can also be a great help in creating ways to improve closed sales rates. Practice with colleagues and get/give constructive criticism on how to improve your cold calling. A simple change in your tone of voice or speaking speed might be the difference in closing more sales.

Cold calling is a tried and true marketing technique that can yield some pretty amazing results. The reason it’s been around this long is because it works when the right tactics are implemented. Integrating these suggestions into your cold calling strategy should turn things around for you and help you to close more sales.

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