Using Social Media to Grow Business - An Entrepreneur's Story


The power of social media revolutionizes business in many ways!   From marketing to "humanizing a brand", and on to customer support and engagement, social media has really turned business upside down.  The consumer has access like never before to the brand, and companies must adapt or lag behind.

In this podcast, I interview a man with an incredible story related to the power of social media for business, and the story isn't done yet!  Jacob Sapochnick is a lawyer, an entrepreneur, and a case study in how social media can grow a business!  His practice was built from scratch and has become a seven-lawyer, 14-person immigration law firm with plenty of clients in less than 8 years!

Join me as we learn about Jacob's journey from Israel to the U.S., growing a business, leadership lessons learned, and becoming a "multi-preneur"!

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Topics Covered with Jacob:

  • Coming to America
  • Entrepreneurial Launch: Starting a Law Firm
  • Being Different in Business: Using Social Media Well
  • Be Distinct! Don't simply mimic others.
  • Multi-preneurs, challenges and opportunities
  • Leadership Principles for business and life learned in the Israeli Armed Forces
  • Differing Communication needs for local versus remote teams
  • Desert camping and the value of un-plugging

We covered a lot of ground!  From business start-up and marketing differentiation keys, to the need for clear communication and system building within teams.

Jacob's Keys for Using Social Media to Grow Your Business:


1. Identify your Audience(s)

You may have more than 1 audience!

Define them and be clear about who they are.

Create a persona type of your ideal audience.

2. What are the core needs of your audiences(s)?

Cater your services, communication, and messages to cater to their needs.

Solve their problems and show them how you are solving the dilemmas they are facing.

3. Create a System for Engaging Content

Without a system your content strategy is inconsistent and haphazard.

Your audience comes to expect your unique style and voice in messages, as well as when to expect your content.

Do not start regular blog posting or podcasting and then have big time gaps in your publishing.  Rolling out consistent communication and being upfront about when and what to expect is key!


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More About Jacob Sapochnick:

Jacob Sapochnick was born and raised in Israel.  Included in his formative years was a stint in the mandatory military services of the Israeli Armed Forces.  He came to the U.S. over 14 years ago and has now started multiple successful businesses.  He lives in the San Diego, California, area and  is an active member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

Jacob is a "multi-preneur" running both his own law firm and also running the Enchanting Lawyer, a digital firm focused on helping law firms and other professionals grow their online presence. Learn more about Jacob's story here:

Next Doable Task:

It's always about taking away learning's and applying them!  What’s your key takeaway that you need to do in the next 24 hours based on listening to this?

If you are having trouble deciding, my tip is to encourage you to stop and spend 15 minutes writing down notes about your ideal customers and creating 1-3 unique personas that define who you can best serve and what their key problems are!

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Why the Halftime theme Mike?

karisa-ballI’m a Indiana Hoosier native where basketball is the top sport. Every team heads to the locker room at halftime to evaluate the first half and create a updated plan for the second half. That plan includes adjustments based on reviewing what worked and what didn’t. The “halftime” is a key review point where the game stops, the team pulls away to huddle in the locker room away from the fans, and they come out prepared and ready to succeed in the second half.

That’s what this podcast is all about, taking the time to pull away for bit to evaluate, learn, and set some strategies for your business to succeed in the second half.

Join me by subscribing and let me be your “business halftime” to help you find great success going forward!

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