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What are Examples of Social Media Marketing

June 28, 2020
The world is a different place now to how it was just 20 years ago. The dawn of the 21st century heralded the arrival of the Digital Age, at home as much as in the world of commerce and industry. Computers had been commonplace in the workplace for some years in the lead up to […]

How Do I Get Followers On TikTok?

June 20, 2020
TikTok is officially a global sensation. There’s pretty much no major country in the world in which TikTok doesn’t have some kind of presence, which is pretty impressive given that it originated as a Chinese-only social media app (well, to some extent, anyway). Now, TikTok has achieved something close to world domination, with user numbers […]

6 Simple Ways to Grow Your Business Using Social Media

June 18, 2020
Let’s face it- social media is where it’s at. By 2021 over three billion people will be using it every month. Over one billion people look at Facebook every day. They’re not looking at your website that much, are they? The exciting thing is that people can use social media to grow their businesses. The […]

How Can You Avoid Being 'That Brand' On Social Media?

May 23, 2020
You know the type. The brand that seems content to market via radio advertisements with the most annoying, earworm-like jingles they can muster. You can probably sing the jingle you’re thinking of right now. The kind of jingle that can raise even the most level-headed person into a furor, particularly if stuck in traffic on […]

5 Smart Ways to Drive Sales Through Social Media

May 8, 2020
There’s a lot more to social media than branding and engagement. Used correctly, it can also increase sales. In their 2016 marketing census, E-consulting rated the marketing channel as one of the top five for generating solid returns.  It’s safe to say that social media is only getting bigger, and a few well-placed posts can […]

6 Instagram Video Marketing Tips You Need to Know

May 6, 2020
If you’re a business operating on Instagram, there are a few things you should know about successful Instagram video marketing tips for the platform. As one of the largest social media hubs on the web, Instagram is the perfect place to find new customers for your brand, but you won’t get anywhere if you don’t […]

8 Reasons to Use Social Media for CRM

April 23, 2020
Social media is so far the most used platform by people all over the world. Every single day on Twitter, people tweet about a lot of things. Among the things they tweet about happens to be about how businesses and customers interact. This is where CRM and social media work together for businesses. If you have not […]

Increase your restaurant business Instagram following – Smart tips by food influencers

April 8, 2020
Do you love food? Do you want to share multiple platters online? And do you also wish to share the best dishes in your restaurant on Instagram? If yes, then chances are you are clicking the best food pictures before you consume it yourself or serve it to your customers with your iPhone or an […]

How Facebook Algorithm Changes Can Affect Your Business

March 24, 2020
Facebook algorithm changes make business pages evaluate how they interact with their audiences. These are top 3 important Facebook algorithm changes.

5 Techniques for Running a Successful Social Media Competition

March 18, 2020
There’s one surefire method for generating massive audience engagement online: with a successful social media competition. Whether it’s a giveaway or contest, people love to win free items. The power of social media also ensures your business will receive plenty of attention. If the snowball effect takes place, where more and more people share the […]

The Power of Social Media: 5 Ways It Can Help Your Business

March 18, 2020
With quite literally billions of people using social media worldwide, no business (big or small) can afford to ignore the importance of a strong social media strategy.  What about you? Is your business invested in harnessing the power of social media?  Let's take a look at 5 powerful ways that social media can help your business!   […]

How to Market Your Brand Through Social Media

March 16, 2020
Social Media is presenting advantages when it comes to marketing because it is virtual so you save money on the production of on-hand materials including ads on paper and bulletin boards. It can reach the multitude of people present in every platform and covers even those who have never known you. In taking advantage of […]

What Modern Marketing Strategies Must be Followed in 2020? 

March 11, 2020
Marketing a business with effective marketing strategies is a daunting task, especially in modern times, where consumers are constantly searching for something unique in their experiences with any brand.  Are you willing to take up the job of coming up with marketing strategies for your business?  Well, if yes, you must learn a few of […]

Social Media Marketing Advice for Your Property Business

February 29, 2020
For businesses of all shapes and sizes, digital marketing - but particularly social media marketing - is a crucial tool when it comes to achieving marketing success. However, for businesses within the property sphere, utilizing social media marketing is even more crucial to meeting goals.  Studies have shown that 77% of real estate-related businesses use […]

Winning on Social Media: A Guide For Small Businesses

February 26, 2020
You use your social media account to keep up with your friends and family. But you still rely on more traditional advertising mechanisms for your business, newspaper ads, billboards, banners. Those are good as they come. But if your business doesn’t have an active, ever-growing social media following, you’re missing out on what may be […]

Ideal Strategies for Social Media Marketing

February 17, 2020
Social media marketing should be an inseparable part of your business strategy. It is the use of social media and websites to promote a product or business. No other method of advertising has the capacity to reach as many people as social media marketing does. It is the most useful tool for generating leads and […]

How to Create a Social Media Strategy and Plan

February 12, 2020
Benjamin Franklin is often purported to have said: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Whether that pearl of wisdom can be directly attributed to that founding father is questionable, but its sentiment isn’t. Without a properly structured plan, any goal(s) can remain far-off targets, while those striving to reach them move in […]

Coming up With a Creative Social Media Theme

February 4, 2020
With over 60 billion businesses on Facebook and 70% of companies on Twitter, social media is both competitive and necessary for commercial success in the 21st-century. Your challenge is to craft a compelling social media theme and strategy that helps you stand out for all the right reasons. A crucial part of your strategy is […]

Modern Marketing: 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go It Alone

January 23, 2020
Every entrepreneur appreciates the need for a strong marketing strategy. The effectiveness of your campaigns will hold a huge influence on your sales figures. Subsequently, sustainability and growth possibilities are hugely reliant on your modern marketing endeavors. Given that you are the only person that can take responsibility, it can be tempting to do it […]

How Much Does Social Media Advertising and Marketing Cost

December 9, 2019
Are you planning to launch as social media advertising and marketing campaign? If so, it can be difficult trying to figure out what kind of budget you need to set aside for your advertising and marketing strategy. While there's no way you can get a clear answer, you can get a general idea of how […]

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