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10 Ways to Effectively Write Content and Use Keywords for SEO

March 12, 2009

Good content on SEO writing from my partner in Fort Wayne and our Digital Hill office SEO guru... Always keep in mind the number one rule in SEO:  Whatever you do on your website you do it for the user first.  The biggest mistake I see people make when executing any type of SEO strategy […]

SEO Tips from Mike Gingerich

March 7, 2009

Here's a number of SEO tips I've picked up along the way and a link to the full article... Search Engine Optimization: Keyword Introduction and On-page Factors Following Search Engine Guidelines will Increase Your Rankings Webmasters and search engine optimizers often search for ways to get their site better indexed and improve their rankings.  You […]

Search Engine Optimization for Websites - Write for Humans!

January 31, 2009

Here's a good article on Search Engine Optimization. We often want to put in place a bunch of "tactics" that involve the programming but search engines, especially Google, are getting smarter and able to more and more read sites exactly as humans do.  By the way, Google is up in the mid-60's now in marketshare […]

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