3 SEO Benefits of Customer Reviews

SEO Benefits of Customer Reviews

In these present times, the online world is becoming more dynamic with each passing day. The SEO sector is at the heart of these changes. Not too long ago, SEO traffic was generated through methods such as spamming, but this has since given way to more natural signals. At the moment, Google is prioritizing user experience over most other forms of getting SEO traction.

Customer reviews are quickly turning out to be a force to reckon with when boosting SEO traffic quality, reputation, and overall authority. With this in mind, new marketing strategy creation sees that customers who share good and credible reviews help with SEO rankings. Would you like to find out more about how customer reviews positively impact SEO? Read on below as we expound on 3 of the critical benefits of customer reviews.

1. Customer Reviews Help in Generating More Keywords

Did you ever think that customers could double up as both clients and content creators? Well, they do. When it comes to customer reviews, we must view them as content not just comments. What's more, is that this is the approach Google uses. Whenever customers leave reviews, Google acquires new material to use in their SEO algorithms.

Regardless of whether your business receives a positive or negative review, it will most likely contain some relevant keywords to your location or your business services and products. The result of this is better Click Through Rate (CTR) and rankings due to increasing the user-intent compatibility. This, in turn, gives Google a better picture of what your business is all about. And, this empowers Google to place you better in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

2. Google Trusts Customer Reviews

Google has come up with methods of both understanding and getting the most out of customer reviews. Because Google is continually working to provide the best services to its users, businesses with increasing traffic and good reviews are prioritized. The more positive reviews left by users, the more Google regards your company and products and services to be of good quality, hence held in high value.

It, therefore, comes as no coincidence that users are likely to be shown search results of businesses with the highest number of quality and credible reviews first. In light of this, we would advise you to always focus on giving your customers the best service while also putting your best foot forward in collecting top-quality reviews. Consistency in these practices will see you topping search results in Google within no time.

3. Customer Reviews Can Help in Improving Your CTR

It's better to adapt your business strategies to gathering and using reviews to get an edge over your competitors. Especially as many business still prefer to focus on web navigation and search terms. You could even go further and install the best snippets to help elevate your website's SERPs listings. By doing so, the reviews will appear below your listing with golden stars as they are in the Rich Results Listings.

These icons will help in capturing people's attention when browsing and draw them to your brand. In addition to this, it is one thing for a business to brag about how good its services are, and it’s another when different customers leave genuine and good quality reviews about it. The latter is more credible and will lead to better CTR over your competitors.

Given that a better CTR is among Google's criteria for ranking SEOs, the more people you attract to your site, the more Google will view you as being popular. As a result, Google will recommend you in search results. Thereby increasing your rankings due to the more traffic your site will receive.


SEO trends are constantly evolving, and you shouldn't have stationary strategies. As you read this, always remember that customer reviews are currently indispensable when having the edge over your competitors. Regardless of whether you offer products or services, reviews will always have a significant say in how people interact with your website and, in the long run, affect your SEO.

If you have questions or comments regarding the relationship between reviews and a business's SEO, kindly comment below.

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