5 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do To Save on Their Tax Bills

5 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do To Save on Their Tax Bills

Nobody likes to pay more tax than they actually have to. Thus, it is critical to know the day-to-day options that might help you legally reduce your tax bills.

As a small business owner, you are subject to a plethora of intricate tax rates, rules, and thresholds. Understanding the fundamentals of the UK tax system can assist you in avoiding unnecessarily overpaying HMRC. Also, as a small business based out of the United Kingdom, you can find out about Capture Accounting or similar kinds of chartered firms to help reduce your tax bills.

Back to the topic, small business owners are always seeking methods to lower the corporate tax they pay. They must follow the right corporate tax requirements.

Well, the tax system of the UK might be complicated, but there are several acceptable methods to reduce your small business tax payment. All you need is an awareness of how the tax system of the UK works, a little time, and some organization. Continue reading to learn more.

Proven Strategies for Lowering Tax Bills

Let us take a look at several quick wins that small business owners may use to reduce their tax bills:

1. Timely Submission of Allowable Expenses

This is the most basic technique to reduce your tax bill. Record all business expenses and then use them to minimize earnings wherein the corporation tax duty arises. As per HMRC, small business costs must be entirely and solely for the business in order to be tax-exempt. Nevertheless, limited corporations must preserve records for a minimum of six years.

2. Pay a Salary to Yourself

The separate entity notion is crucial since it demonstrates a limited business as a separate legal entity. This shows that transactions are distinct from its owners. As a result, paying oneself is a technique to gain access to a limited company's income. It'll be recognized as a firm permitted cost, lowering the tax bill.

3. Efficiently Structure Your Remuneration Tax

It is a good idea to save money away in your small business for times when you're waiting for your next contact. Or, you may want to take a break. If you take all your revenue, you may be forced into a higher tax bracket rate. Thus, why not lower your earnings and provide more peace of mind by retaining as much profit within your business?

4. Acquire Things via Your Business

If you require something for your small business, such as a phone, laptop, or a new desk, resist the urge to purchase it personally.  Instead, go via the firm for the purchase.

Are you considering a larger purchase, such as a new business premise or a significant piece of equipment? Using the government's AIA (Annual Investment Allowance) is worthwhile. It essentially allows small businesses to deduct investments in "Plant and Machinery" (such as large items of office equipment, building fittings, and machinery) for tax reasons.

5. Early Payment of Taxes

If tax payments are made on time, the HMRC rewards you with interest. It not only protects your small business from late filing fines and other taxes but also generates interest revenue. HMRC pays 'credit interest' on early payment of corporation tax.

The interest rate is just 0.5% for the term beginning with the tax date payments and ending with the deadline. The earliest you can collect interest is six months and thirteen days following the beginning of your small business accounting period.

Contrastingly, if you make late payments, you'll have to pay interest. This is always larger than the actual interest you earn on overpayments or early payments.


Tax is an ever-changing, complex issue, and each company's position is unique. Therefore, each business qualifies for various deductions or allowances depending on its business model. Accountants are always available to assist small business owners in making more money and conserving when possible.

Thus, before applying any tax bill reduction strategies, it's always a good idea to consult with a specialized accountancy company. Make sure to source a reputable company when searching for corporate tax registration services. If your small business is based out of the UK, you can find out about Capture Accounting or any other prominent accountancy firms that can assist you in lowering your tax bills effectively.

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