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Instagram’s Algorithm for the Feed Demystified

Are you wanting to know how the Instagram Algorithm really works and how you can know what posts you share for your business really matter? In this episode we look at the information a group of reporters where able to glean from direct access to the Instagram team all related to demystifying the Instagram Algorithm. […]

GDPR and Your Business: What you Need to Know

Are you ready for the GDPR in your business?   Cybersecurity remains a major issue for digital commerce world. In the U.S. cybercrime costs business owners millions of dollars every year and has even led to the collapse of several startups. Worse still, experts expect the situation to deteriorate even further. A report released in […]

How Content Can Engage Readers and Boost Brand Awareness

Content is capable of doing a lot of things. It can boost engagement, raise brand awareness, and drive sales. Marketers have acknowledged the fact that quality and informative content is the key to a customer’s heart, and, as a result, many brands in 2018 like to consider themselves as content producers and publishers. In fact, […]

5 Ways to Reuse Blog Content to the Max

Are you getting the most out of your blog content? How about I give you 5 ways to reuse blog content to the max?!? You spend hours on each post, researching information, looking up keywords, finding photos, creating graphics and all the other details that go into writing a  blog post. You publish, then you share […]

8 Ways To Digitally Market Your Small Business

The long-term success of your small business depends largely on attracting and keeping a loyal customer base. Without the dedicated advertising resources of a large-scale company, you have to figure out how to market your business successfully without devoting all your time and resources to that task. Here are some effective methods to help promote […]

Digital Marketing in 2018: What’s New Today

Digital Marketing in 2018, what matters now?  It’s an important question! Social Media marketing and digital marketing always evolve and shift. What’s new for 2018 and what matters now is different than what mattered last year…in some cases…and in some cases it hasn’t changed. The key is knowing the difference! Mike Gingerich dives in on […]


Emotional Intelligence Factors for Contagious Content

Emotional intelligence is about reaching people through your digital marketing to engage their interest, connect with them, and prompt them to act. Use these emotional intelligence factors to create effective compelling content that resonates with your audience.

Instagram Archiving & Instagram Highlights

Do you use Facebook for marketing? Here are 5 Facebook marketing mistakes you may be making that decrease your reach and reduce your success.

Why Even Auto Repair Shops Need to Increase Their Digital Marketing Strategies

Yes, even a local auto repair shop can benefit from and need to increase their digital marketing strategies. Auto repair shops exist entirely in the physical world, and their customer base is typically those in their neighborhood. The problem with relying only on those who live near you is that, quite simply, you aren’t making […]

Attracting the right audience on social media

Attracting the Right Audience with your Social Media Marketing Funnel – Part 2

Do you use Facebook for marketing? Here are 5 Facebook marketing mistakes you may be making that decrease your reach and reduce your success.