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SendPulse is a Powerful Advanced Online Marketing Automation System

       SendPulse is a web software tool that can benefit many businesses.  Why?  Because engagement is the cornerstone of any successful digital marketing strategy. If you can stay on top of your audience’s minds through strategic messaging, you are basically guaranteed more site visitors, leads, and ultimately sales. SendPulse marketing automation is a […]

Top SEO & Digital Marketing Tips for Your Website for 2019

2019 is around the corner and it’s time to review and be sure you are implementing the top SEO & digital marketing tips for your website!  Is your website and digital marketing doing each of these items? It’s time for you to review and I’m providing the checklist and tools! Ready to dive in and […]

Creating and Selling an Online Course – Digital Product Sales Hacks

Creating and selling an online course can be a great way for you to pack your knowledge into a medium that can reach thousands of people and potentially help you achieve a very scalable long-term passive income source if done properly. Coming up with original expert content for an e-book or a digital course can […]

Social Media Updates Through Sept. 27th

It’s the start of autumn and that typically means an uptick in Social Media changes as the networks gear up for the pre-holiday season.  The past two weeks have kicked it off with a number of interesting updates and new releases. Let’s dig into some of the key ones for you:   Instagram May Divide […]


Designing a Digital Content Strategy

Create and distribute content for your target audience. This brief guide will help you create an effective digital content strategy to meet your goals.

Product Promotion Using Modern Marketing Methods

Work Smarter, Not Harder If you’re going to have the best impact with marketing, it makes sense not to spend money on outreach solutions that don’t deliver ROI. Online marketing delivers high levels of ROI, though it’s got to be managed properly. There are a number of different digital outreach methods, and what is chiefly […]


How to Create a Webinar Landing Page that Converts

Your webinar landing page will determine how many people register for it. Get more conversions with a well set up webinar landing page. Here are the steps.

Recent Social Media Updates Through August

As I just had my birthday at the beginning of the week, I have been reflecting on the past year and I always amazed at the speed of change online, and particularly in social media.  It will not stand still! Changes occur, updates are made, algorithms adjust, and to be effective we have to keep […]

Updates for Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat through August 8th

Summer is going fast! In my world, I wish it would last longer.  I just got back from the beach in North Carolina and I’m wondering what it would take to live there year ‘round!     Enough of my ramblings, August is here and we have some new social media updates to share with […]

YouTube and Pinterest as SEO Tools: Not Just Social Networks

It’s time to view YouTube and Pinterest as SEO Tools and not just as social networks!  What do I mean and how do you make this happen? In this episode I dive into the details of YouTube and Pinterest from a SEO, Search Engine Optimization, perspective. Let’s dive in! Listen Now: Subscribe:  Halftime Mike on iTunes  […]