Apps To Help You Expand Your Brand

Apps To Help You Expand Your Brand

Launching a brand isn’t easy, and expanding it requires a lot of effort. As an entrepreneur, it’s essential to focus on your brand from anywhere, and that’s where mobile technology comes in handy. Today’s mobile apps help you to connect with your prospects, increase brand awareness, boost productivity and sell online.

Here are apps that will help you expand your brand or business.

1. Calendly

Meetings are one way to raise brand awareness. But can you manage all the meetings while you have other overwhelming tasks? If you’re always too busy to remember meetings, Calendly will serve you well.

Calendly helps you schedule every meeting and get track of each of them. Everyone can quickly get access to you, thus making your name more known. The better part is that the app keeps synchronizing your google calendar, making you updated on every event.

2. Badger maps

Badger Maps is an excellent mobile app to get your service or product to your customers. This field sales route optimization application helps you reach your customers more efficiently. It lets you visualize the customer CRM data, helping you find the fastest route for your every stop during the day.

You can also use Badger Maps to access weekly reports for tracking the progress of your client visits. It also helps your field sales representatives save more time and feature more meetings in the schedule. You can download this route optimization app on Google Play Store and iOS app store or access it as a web app.

3. Twitter

Whether researching the top sports sites or looking to engage with your clients and PR leaders, Twitter is among the greatest resources you can use. You can follow your customers to get deeper insights on products and services that are important to them and inform them about new offers, news, and updates.

Twitter conveniently keeps you updated on the latest industry trends and events. Promoting your business on Twitter helps you connect with potential customers and increases brand awareness. You can also access Twitter’s Analytics feature for tracking followers and engagement rates.

4. LinkedIn

Professional connections are one way to expand your brand. You get a better chance to draw big names who instead market you to their juniors, and LinkedIn is the perfect app. This professional networking app gives you a great chance to market your brand internationally, attracting customers from all over the globe.

LinkedIn also helps you professionally by educating you on the best marketing method. You can quickly gain insights from other businesses in the same area on ways to do better in brand expansion. You only need to create a LinkedIn page for your business and display it across your company profile, which will draw a considerable number of professionals, old colleagues, and friends, thus increasing awareness of your brand.

5. Facebook

Being among the world’s largest social media sites with billions of users, Facebook is among the best platforms to market your business, connect with customers and sell your products/ services. Thousands of groups are connecting people interested in a certain topic, making it easy to connect with people with the same interest. You can also create a page for your business to enhance brand awareness.

6. Over

Visual pictures are a great attraction to people today, as people are likely to get attracted and remember the things they see. Over helps you enhance your visual posting through custom templates for Facebook and Instagram stories, among other platforms. The application also helps you find images on Google and custom stock photos. Even better, Over also enables you to create video content.

7. Google Primer

You no longer need to pay for business school to learn essential marketing skills, techniques, and strategies. Google is helping businesses and entrepreneurs easily enhance their marketing skills using the Primer app. The Google Primer app helps you understand marketing lessons and level your expertise through a 5-minute interactive experience.

8. Canva

Another great app for creating visual content, Canva helps you create engaging social media posts for marketing your business, media kits for influencers, stylized newsletters, and presentations for potential investors. You can also print your designs into custom t-shirts and mugs.

When creating visual content, Canva allows you to upload photos and use various icons to enhance your product. The app makes you look like a whole team, even without hiring a graphic designer. The free version gives you over 250,000 templates, 5G cloud storage, and thousands of free photos.

9. Trello

It might be hard for businesses with employees and limited resources to keep track of everyone’s responsibilities and projects. Trello is among the best task management app that helps you organize, track, manage and share work assignments with your team. Users can organize the dashboard with their to-do list, see projects that are underway, make notes, and set deadlines.

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