8 Tips to Building a Successful Career in Information Security

Building a Successful Career in Information Security

Technology is a growing industry with numerous areas for career opportunities. One such area is information security which is in high demand. With a prediction of millions of jobs in the future, it’s no wonder this is a job area of interest for job seekers looking for not only a job position but job security. Information Security is an advanced discipline that requires a combination of education, experience, skills, and development. So, before setting off to find a career in this field, there are eight tips that you can utilize for building a successful career in information security.

Make the Decision

Every career path begins with a choice. That choice is to stay the course. Before you start building your career in information security, you want to make sure it is right for you. This can be done at any stage in your life be it a career change, a new discipline, or fresh after graduation.

Most who enter the information security field share common characteristics of being analytical, curious, detail-oriented perceptive, persistent, and problem-solvers. Needed skills such as leadership, interpersonal and fostering teamwork are developed with progression in the career.

Information security is an exciting field of work that is continually developing. To solidify a strong foundation and keep up with technological innovation, it is important to be passionate about this field. It has been found, that most employees are more likely to stay on the job if they find meaning in their work. If the work does not mean anything to you, you won’t keep it up.

Work-Life Balance and Personal Development

Working in tech can either come with structured hours or unpredictable scheduling. Whether you have a structured or flexible schedule, information security will require numerous hours, which means it’s important to figure out how to balance your work life and personal life to avoid negative outcomes like burnout and exhaustion.

In a field where things are frequently changing, it is also important to stay on top of new information and trends. You may have to dedicate time outside of work to stay current and learn needed information on your own. This is when time management is crucial.

Personal development can also support your work-life balance, with skills overlapping both life areas. Personal development can refine skills such as learning, time management, confidence, creative problem solving, leadership, and communication.

Build Your Knowledge Competency

In addition to personal development being a great way to learn knowledge areas on your own cognizance, attending a structured course can build your knowledge competency for information security.

Information security includes a wide range of information and it is important to have a general understanding. You can reinforce and exhibit your understanding with certifications.

Find a Specialty

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Once you have a general understanding of information security, you can find a specialty that you like. This can propel your career growth and make your resume more competitive when applying for jobs. As niche areas grow in popularity in the job market, narrowing down your options can open you to better opportunities.

Having a specialty will not limit your career opportunities and, may, in fact, broaden them; however, it is important to learn what niche is trending up to select the best specialty for future career success. There are no certainties, but making an informed decision is always advantageous.

There are a variety of areas you can specialize in like forensics, risk management, and identity management. A specialized area growing in demand and interest in cyber security. Cybercrime is evolving and increasing. It’s now critical for any organization to maintain, manage and monitor their cybersecurity.

Build Your Network

Although the tech industry is large and growing, it is highly competitive. Having a strong and influential network is invaluable for building a successful career in information security. The more people you know, the more connections you have not only for job opportunities but growth opportunities.

Gain Experience

It’s important to combine knowledge with experience to set yourself up on the way to building a successful career. Undoubtedly, gaining experience, in the beginning, will be challenging. It is important to exercise patience and perseverance to acquire that first position. Fortunately, tech has many opportunities.

There are different ways to initially stand out to get that first job position. As previously mentioned, your network can open doors for you and you can secure a position through your network. You can also get attention with an eye-catching resume that is tailored, concise, and highlights your experience. Follow up by leaving an excellent impression at your interviews.

Depending on your education and experience level, you may enter the information security field at varying levels. Whichever level you enter at, make sure to take full advantage of your first job. Use that time to develop skills, narrow your path or even find a mentor.

Your first job position, will not be your last. As you learn and grow as a padawan, plan your next career move strategically.

Map Out Your Career Path

A meaningful and fulfilling career does not just fall in your lap. You make it what it is. If you want your career to be fulfilling and reach a certain position, it is necessary for you to take an active role in mapping out your career path. You can utilize career development resources on the job, a professional coach, or a mentor to help you decide what direction you want to go in.

Remember you don’t have to be strict in your career mapping. A new innovation in tech may cause you to take a right instead of a left. Keep in mind what positions you want to have, how you want to improve in any skills, or how you want to increase your knowledge.

Don’t Stop. Be an Expert.

There is no point at which education will stop, but there is a point at which you can harness your education. This can be done in a number of ways. Two of the most notable ways are by becoming an expert or going into executive management.

A cool thing about working in any technological field is that it is always evolving. It prizes the best practice of continuous improvements. So when you have spent your time as an expert or executive manager, or simply want to do something else- you can! You can carve out a new path through innovation or entrepreneurship.


You can have a rewarding career in information security. Technology is a booming industry. By deciding what you want to do, gaining education and experience, and securing that first position, you can lay the foundation for your career path. Keep building a successful career with specialization, networking, and career mapping.

Once you meet your goals, you can always set new ones and even surprise yourself.

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