7 Ways to Make Your Next Event More Special

Make Your Next Event More Special

Hosting a corporate event is a great way to celebrate a special occasion or show some love to your employees. However, are your company events as engaging as they should be? Fortunately, we've compiled a list of the top seven ways that you can make your next party a smash hit. Even if you don't have a massive budget, these tips should make your guests eager to attend the next event.

Build Buzz With Marketing Materials

Depending on who the event is for, you should approach the marketing and promotion differently. For example, if it's a customer-facing party, you want to build buzz through social media and online channels. You can make your event more exclusive (e.g., an "invite-only" affair) or highlight the fun elements you'll have.

For internal events that are just for employees, you can still promote it, but you can't use public accounts. Instead, you can use internal memos and flyers to generate interest. Also, you can incorporate fun ideas into your marketing campaign, such as:

  • Scratch-Off Tickets - These tickets can be used for prizes or entries in a raffle drawing.
  • VIP Experiences - If you're hosting live entertainment, maybe winners can meet the talent backstage or something.
  • Exclusive Access - Perhaps some activities are only available to specific guests.

Focus on Entertainment

A party isn't a party unless there are fun things to do. In most cases, dinner and some music are not enough to keep your guests entertained. Instead, you want to focus on some high-quality entertainment options, including:

  • Live Music - Live bands can add much more energy to an event that you won't get with a DJ.
  • Casino Tables - Have your guests try their luck at games like blackjack, craps, and roulette for raffle prizes.
  • Team-Building Games - If the event is for employees, you can have fun activities that encourage teamwork. Be sure to have prizes available to motivate teams to win.
  • Comedy or Magic Show - Headliners can engage an audience far more than the CEO can (probably).
  • Game Shows - What's more fun than having guests participate in a game show like Family Feud or Jeopardy?

Find an Excellent Venue

A corporate party at the office doesn't sound too appealing. Instead, it's much better to host the event in a venue like a hotel ballroom. Or, you can choose a venue with its own entertainment. This way, you can kill two birds with one stone and potentially save money in the process. Some examples of venue/entertainment options include:

  • Arcade - Make sure to host the event in an adult-friendly arcade like Dave and Busters. This option is perfect for family events too.
  • Theme Park - You can rent a banquet hall at the park and offer free or discounted passes to attendees.
  • Laser Tag/Paintball - This option is ideal for team-building exercises.
  • Casino - You might be able to strike a deal with the casino to offer free play vouchers to guests.

Go All-Out With Decorations

Nothing makes a party more enjoyable like decorations and high-quality signage. These elements can make any space feel brighter and more engaging, particularly if you choose a vibrant color scheme. When it comes to decor, include pieces like:

  • Banners - Custom banner printing allows you to create any message for your event. Highlight a recent achievement or showcase the name of the event. You can also get multiple banners for different purposes.
  • Table Centerpieces - Adding some centerpieces can transform the look and feel of a room, even if you have no other decorations.
  • Uplighting - Colored-up lights make any room stand out and look incredible. You can also customize your colors to match your theme or company logo.
  • Red Carpet - Make your guests feel like celebrities with a red carpet experience, complete with a step-and-repeat banner behind. Here is another way that custom banner printing can come in handy.

Choose a Fun Theme

While decorations can enhance an event, it's far better if they're related to a specific theme. The more fun your theme, the more likely your guests will have a blast. Even if you're celebrating a particular achievement or holiday, you can mix things up with a creative backdrop, such as:

  • 80's or 90's Party
  • Movies (these can be tied with a holiday, such as Christmas)
  • Jungle/Adventure
  • Under the Sea
  • Viva Las Vegas

Overall, having a theme for your event makes it easier to coordinate everything. This way, each element from catering to the venue to the decor can be centered around the same idea.

Make Your Event Interactive

An excellent way to make your event more special is to encourage guests to participate as much as possible. Parties where people just sit, eat, and talk can feel long and tedious. Instead, you can add a spark to the proceedings by adding fun games and activities.

Examples can include trivia questions, casino tables, photo booths, karaoke, and more. You can also set up various games of skill and chance, such as giant Yahtzee, checkers, Jenga, and more. The more ways people can play and have fun, the better.

Use an Event Coordinator

Planning a corporate event can be a full-time job, depending on the scale of the party. If you're struggling to juggle all the different details, you should use an event coordinator to take care of everything. This way, one person can oversee all the various aspects of the event and ensure that the night (or day) runs as smoothly as possible. Some coordinators may also be able to network with entertainers and venues to secure discounts or exclusive perks.

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