6 Ways to Easily Improve Internal Communications

Improving internal communication can provide a business with a multitude of benefits. For example, it could potentially lead to an increase in employee engagement, stronger teamwork, a reduction in conflict between colleagues, and greater collaborations when working on important projects.

If you want to create a productive, creative and unified workplace in 2019 and beyond, here are six effective ways to improve internal communication.

  • Educate Employees on the Brand’s Clear Mission and Values

It is essential that every business owner takes the time to educate their employees on the company’s mission and values. For example, corporate training should provide your team with a clear understanding of the company’s goals. It will ensure every team member works in the same mindset and with the same vision, which can improve the lines of communication.

  • Plan External Events for Your Team

Encourage your employees to connect outside of a professional environment by planning external events. By developing friendly relationships with each other, they will find it much easier to communicate when working on a project or struggling with a problem.

Workplace friendships will also provide your staff with greater job satisfaction, which could decrease your turnover. So, host a holiday party, treat your team to dinner and/or drinks, or plan a day of team bonding activities.

  • Strengthen Management Connections

It is important for managers to forge strong connections with their team members. Encourage your high-level personnel to get to know your staff on a deeper level. If they are approachable and friendly, your employees will find it easier to communicate with management when they are struggling with an issue or need to address a concern.  Training on conflict management skills can be valuable as well.  For resources on conflict resolution, click here.

  • Launch an Intranet

An intranet will serve as a private website that’s only accessible to employees. If you run a large-scale company or allow your employees to work from home, an intranet can effectively update your staff on:

  • The latest brand news
  • Recruitment changes
  • Company announcements
  • Core business values

It can help a brand to effectively communicate with many employees in a fast, clear manner. For help launching an intranet, check out this DesignRush software developer list.

  • Promote Information Sharing

Your business is only as knowledgeable as its employees. For this reason, you should promote information sharing across the business. The chances are, many members of your team are regularly reading the latest industry news and trends, which you should encourage them to share with the colleagues.

Offer a forum for your team to share information with each other, which could provide them with valuable insights that can create a more productive, forward-thinking business.

  • Create an Open Dialogue

While a company intranet will allow your team to stay abreast on the latest company changes, future plans and progress, you also should provide your team with an opportunity to discuss any concerns or ideas they might have. For example, encourage your staff to ask questions, send comments or suggest ideas, so they will feel they play an important role in the brand’s future.

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