5 Ways for More Efficient Web Scraping

More Efficient Web Scraping

Almost everyone is searching for ways to leverage advanced technologies in the modern era's competitiveness. Data serves as an important asset for whatever purpose it serves to an organization or individual.

One of the practices used by companies to get valuable data is web scraping. What is web scraping anyway? It is the process of collecting data through fetching and then extracting them. Web scrapers can automatically extract information from websites instead of spending countless hours on data collection.

Here are effective ways for more efficient web scraping.

Why Do You Need to Be More Efficient When Web Scraping?

Data is essential in coming up with business strategies and market research. Insights and strategies are derived from it, which is why web scraping is important. Whether you're developing a new campaign for an existing brand or a new project, it is important to get analytical data. A web scraping tool and proxies can help with this.

Content scraping is one of the main purposes of web scraping. Statistics show that 38% of companies that practice web scraping use it for content scraping. Others use web scraping for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), real estate listing scraping, comparison of e-commerce websites, social media sentiment analysis, industry statistics, and more.

5 Ways to Be Efficient When Web Scraping

It would be vital to web scrape efficiently to get the inputs that will help a company's campaign or agenda. Here are some ways to be efficient when web scraping.

Create a Web Crawler

A web crawler is an effective web scraping tool. It's a web bot that browses websites and is frequently used for indexing. It's also known as spiderbot. This program could be a useful addition to web scraping.

web overview

It will give the API URL addresses from which to retrieve data. As the procedure progresses, it may keep updating the list of these addresses. When using a web crawler, there are numerous capabilities you can use.

Use Cache to Lessen Unwanted Requests

If you can figure out which website or pages a web scraping tool has already visited, you can reduce the time it takes to finish a scrape. This is where web scrapers turn to caching. Caching HTTP requests is ideal. Then, if you only need to scrape once, add it to your file; if it's required to scrape multiple times, add it to your database. You can avoid making needless requests by caching the pages.

The logic of loose scraper during paginations is another example of unnecessary requesting. Try to spend time searching for combinations that provide your desired maximum coverage rather than forcing random combinations. Optimizing scraper logic lessens the chances of creating unnecessary requests.

Consider Acquiring A CAPTCHA-Solving Service


Companies frequently utilize CAPTCHA services to prevent web scraping. Visitors are asked to solve riddles to verify that they are legitimate users. To get over Captcha, advanced scraping procedures need CAPTCHA-solving services.

Utilize Headless Browsers

Web servers can easily tell if a request is from a legitimate browser. This may assist them in blocking your IP address. Luckily, headless browsers include built-in features that can assist in resolving the issue.

Headless browsers do not have a graphical user interface. Browser automation is sometimes required to web scrape. Some examples of headless browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox, PhantomJS, Playwright, and more.

Web Scrape During Off-Peak Hours

The server load on the target website will be at its busiest during peak hours. As a result, scraping during busy hours may degrade the website's genuine users' experience. Scheduling your scrape during off-peak hours is a fantastic strategy to avoid this. You can also schedule scrapers using a program like cron.

The Business Uses of Web Scraping

Competitive Analysis

As everything moves online, many things are now sold through e-commerce networks. In addition, the eCommerce industry has been exploding in popularity for the previous decade. It's also been more difficult for entrepreneurs to stay in the industry due to fierce rivalry among retailers.

Web scraping services can help your company better survive at this time. Web scraping can provide your company with the most up-to-date market and competition data, allowing you to see how your competitors are performing. By using tools such as a scraping proxy, you can make effective and data-backed decisions while remaining anonymous and without alerting or impacting competitor servers. This can give your business an advantage in staying relevant and informed, based on valuable insights.

Web scraping can give you access to competitors' information such as:

  • Products list
  • Pricing policy
  • Product launches and promotions
  • Data from social media platforms

Lead Generation

Lead generation allows a company to tap into legitimate leads that can turn into sales conversions. Sales representatives often use web scraping on sites like Google, LinkedIn and Instagram to generate leads and reveal marketing solutions. It can scrape data from various sources where there is high lead activity. Web scraping speeds up the entire process. Not only that, but it also delivers extremely accurate sales statistics. When a company is aiming to expand, they should not invest in leads that are unlikely to convert.

Product Optimization

Many of us like to know what other people are saying about a product before we buy it. A customer's review might have a significant impact on their purchasing decisions. Web scraping can assist you in customer feedback data for cross-examination and product changes in order to meet your target market's expectations. This study will require a large amount of data in a comprehensible manner. Web scraping allows you to automate the extraction process, saving you a lot of time and effort.

Benefits of Web Scraping for Businesses

Web scraping has various advantages for businesses. They can automate the data extraction process and provide quick and accurate insights, which are critical for making data-driven business choices. They can benefit from the highest data accuracy without the possibility of human error, collect all necessary information in seconds, and receive understandable and digestible information with a single click.

Web scrapers are quick, efficient, and dependable. They're simple to use and help you to cut through the clutter to discover concrete, concise information without having to go through irrelevant information.


Web scraping provides access to a wealth of information to assist you in making data-driven decisions. This can help put your business on the road to success. You may scrape any form of data — text, photos, video, and more – and make use of all the advantages that web scrapers provide.

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