5 Reasons Facebook LIVE Will Build An Engaged Video Audience

5 Reasons Facebook LIVE Will Build An Engaged Video Audience

Video is IT, period, end of sentence.

This recent post from the Wall Street Journal reported the social media giant Facebook is developing a stand-alone camera app, similar to Snapchat’s uber popular image sharing platform, which we all know was absorbed by Zuckerberg in the past. Still in its early stage, FB is working towards further increasing video posts on their billion user channel, especially on a live level.

Given the veritable laundry list of successful Facebook ad campaigns, this newbie is certainly worthy of our attention. Here are five reasons to utilize these FB live streams into successful marketing campaigns:

#1 Live in the Present

  • The best part of today’s social media audience is participating in the present moment and sharing these activities with “friends” and family. Facebook Live will offer a way for users to connect and participate in events as they happen, in real-time. Say goodbye to stale posts that offer users later interaction with an event that has already occurred.
  • The current mobile crowd, given the growing millennial audience, today’s real movers and shakers are not interested in something that happened “five minutes ago,” but at the same time, as long as the topic is still relevant, another five minutes of fame, will still hold their fleeting interest.

#2 - Rewind and Replay

  • Similar to features on cable and satellite choices, we now have the ability to pause, rewind and replay live TV and the same is true in this case. But instead, fast-forward using Facebook’s technology on Live and users will react instantly and reply with a traditional “like,” or better still, offer expanded versions of their opinions, love, hate, sad, laugh or a cry response to what they’re viewing.
  • These conversations, whether arguments or agreements, will all appear immediately resulting in sharing, caring or a lack thereof. As a part of these expanded discussions, certain points will be examined, debated and reexamined according to their relevance within a particular discussion creating further dialogues.

#3 - Patience is not a Virtue

  • Given today’s technology, we twist an antiquated expression with, “Patience is a virtue, and we are virtueless,” not from a moral standpoint, but from a realistic business view. Why wait hours, days or even weeks for feedback when you can get it immediately - in real time?
  • Current opinions and reactions will be skewed over time, but these immediate realistic results from a marketing and advertising standpoint are priceless.

5 Reasons Facebook LIVE Will Build An Engaged Video Audience 1

#4 - Mobile Mapping and Invitations

  • Being immobile today means you’re living underneath a rock, later given an opportunity of dining with dinosaurs and eventually hooking up with forgotten has-beens. Facebook Live gives immediate access and invitations to local events taking place today and not in the dark ages.
  • Your unique interests, trending topics and relevant information appears instantly on the Facebook Live Map App allowing you to attend an event in person around the corner or participate virtually on the other side of the world. Instead of looking forward to a PodCast, downloading an outdated file or video, Live participates in what’s happening right now!

#5 - Filters and Feeds

  • Finally, thank you Facebook for allowing us to filter out the undesirable and add feeds we find interesting and relevant. Unfriending the irrelevant and adding the important has always been at the cornerstone of this platform and we’re looking forward to the same from Live.
  • Facebook Live is set to compete with Periscope and other “Live Video” platforms and take advantage of this new lucrative trend.

That's 5! What do you think?

Are you digging into Facebook Live yet?

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