5 Android Apps for Working from Home

5 Android Apps for work from home

In the time of the global pandemic, remote work has become a necessity for numerous companies. While it may be the only way to stay in business for many, it can also be a big challenge, both for employers and their workers. Some businesses implemented this type of work before (full-time or as an option), but most needed to deal with the new situation as it went. This new scenario often times necessitates new tools be used, including expanding your use of Android Apps. 

Remote work can be difficult for many reasons - the contact with co-workers is limited, which affects communication, the motivation decreases, and there may be a problem with accessing various systems and tools from outside the workplace.

Luckily, the development of technology offers some solutions that may make things easier for business owners and their teams. To help you out a little, we present you with a list of our favorite Android apps to eliminate some problems and improve the efficiency of remote work.

1. FaxBurner

When you’re out of office, you often don’t have access to some essential devices that you need for your daily work, such as a fax machine or a scanner. Does this mean that you need to give up a part of your responsibilities? Of course not!

For example, with a Faxburner app, you might send and receive faxes with your smartphone, wherever you are. All you need to do is set up an account - you will get your fax number, which will allow you to use your own email for faxing.

The app is intuitive and extremely easy to use for everyone - we dare say that it’s even easier and certainly more comfortable than a regular fax machine, which often is the source of many frustrations.

There are similar apps to help you scan with your smartphone as well (e.g., Tiny Scanner).

2. Forest. Stay focused

This app is designed to help you focus on important tasks without getting distracted by your phone or other digital tools.

The whole idea revolves around planting trees thanks to your work. Whenever you start, you choose for how long you need to stay focused. The app tracks this time and alarms you every time you pick up your smartphone unnecessarily.

When you break the rules and use your phone, the tree is not planted and it dies. If you follow the guidelines and focus, the tree is planted. When you use the app regularly, you can plant a real forest! It is ideal for people who get easily distracted when working remotely.

3. Slack

Slack is an excellent online communication tool that allows you to stay in touch with your co-workers. It’s available both as a desktop and a mobile app, and it offers numerous convenient options to keep up the communication even when each member of your team works from a different location.

Slack allows you to send and receive direct or group messages, add links, reactions, and pictures. Additionally, you can make and receive calls without the need to use a phone or know someone’s phone number.

If you want to create a customized online space for everyone in your company to communicate efficiently, Slack is an excellent tool to achieve it. When you’re off work, you can simply turn off the notifications, or change your activity status accordingly. 

4. Google Docs & Sheets

You can now forget about sending emails with numerous attachments and files  - tools like Google Docs or Google Sheets let you work online, access the documents from various locations and devices, as well as share your work with others in real-time.

What’s more, you can choose from different templates and leave comments that may be useful for your team members. All of you can also make changes that are available for others to see immediately, which is a great advantage when it comes to online conferences and meetings. 

Google’s tools are intuitive and user-friendly, also in their mobile Android app versions, so there’s no need for elaborate training.

5 Todoist

Todoist is a great time and work organizer. This app is designed to help you delegate, share, and complete tasks within a company or a team. It resembles an ordinary, well-known ‘to-do list’ that is written on sticky notes, but Todoist is much more organized and practical. 

You can assign tasks within certain projects to specific people and set particular deadlines to each. While managing the tasks, it’s possible to exchange comments with other project contributors and discuss the details.

Finally, Todoist allows you to prioritize your chores by sending you daily reminders - every morning, you get an email with the pending responsibilities so that you can start your day with no stress.


Working from home can be demanding in many aspects. For many people, it is hard to maintain the satisfactory level of motivation when they have no direct contact with their co-workers; problems may also get more difficult to solve remotely.

However, there are numerous android apps that can help with that - you simply need to identify your problems and needs, and choose the appropriate software. For instance, Forest. Stay Focused will be ideal for concentration problems, while FaxBurner can help you with more technical issues. It’s time to make your remote work smooth and pleasant!

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