4 Proven Startup Strategies to Win the Outdoor Signage Game

Proven Startup Strategies to Win the Outdoor Signage Game

Retail signage continues to be a strong marketing strategy, even in the era of social media and digital outreach. Brands cannot overlook the value of outdoor signs when it comes to visibility and reach. They can help boost foot traffic, generate brand awareness, and add memorability to products and services.

Statistics indicate that the printed signage market in the US is estimated to reach USD 10.84 billion by 2026.  The trend became bigger after the pandemic slowdown with the resumption of foot traffic. Retail hubs like Charlotte in North Carolina are more competitive than ever in the new normal. The city has many new retail stores, so brands need to work harder with their out-of-home (OOH) advertising plans to get attention.

Businesses of all sizes have to go the extra mile with business signs in Charlotte, and startups are no exception. The fact is that OOH marketing is cost-effective, making it ideal for startups running on tight budgets. If you run a startup, you can maximize your marketing budget with a little effort.

How can you win the outdoor signage game and achieve more with less? There isn’t a magic formula, but some actionable strategies can set you up for success.

Here are the proven ones to achieve the best results:

Collaborate With Professionals

Outdoor signage is a critical element of startup branding, just like the logo, brand colors, and tone of voice. You cannot put up a random sign without giving a second thought to design and messaging, as creating it requires as much effort as the other elements. Collaborating with professionals ensures that your business signs are on point and perfectly replicate your brand.

According to Phoenix Signs, clear recognition and easy accessibility make all the difference when it comes to setting a sign apart in a competitive space. Brands should not leave them to chance because good ones make a great first impression and attract the audience sooner than later. It is a small price for startups seeking a branding advantage on a budget.

Follow the Local Norms

The design and messaging on your outdoor signage should be consistent with your branding elements. Consistency gives you a good start, but you should not overlook the local norms and trends when it comes to aesthetics and messaging. For example, business signs in Charlotte, NC, speak a specific language that appeals to the local audience.

Since OOH ads target the audience in the local area, their success boils down to sticking with what appeals to them. Your design partner can help you craft a look and feel, combining the local norms with your unique branding elements. You can also look around to check other billboards in the city to get a fair idea of what appeals to local buyers.

Keep It Simple

You cannot undermine the value of a clean and simple design for outdoor signage. Minimalism wins the attention game because it is soothing to the eye. Embrace clean fonts and muted hues even as you stick with your brand’s style and color. Strategic use of white space is another valuable tip.

Limit the text on the banner because no one wants to be loaded with information before the first interaction with a brand. Just have enough to pass the message and leave the rest for customers to discover once they step in for a retail experience.

Think About the Setting

Did you know that an attractive and highly visible outdoor sign can motivate buyers to visit your retail store? You may invest tons of effort in designing a perfect banner, but what if it isn’t visible to passers-by? Location is the key to maximizing the marketing investment.

As a startup, you may have some qualms about paying for a prime space. You should pick it up without thinking twice because the returns are worthwhile.

Shoppers say that retail signs actually entice them to make impulse purchases even when they don’t plan to buy a product. Everything boils down to ensuring a compelling display sign visible in the right place. Besides location, pay attention to the size and text because they make a sign readable from a distance.


Winning the outdoor signage game is easier than you imagine, even if you run a startup with minimal resources. Remember that you don’t have to break the bank to get exposure and make an impact with your business signs.

You only need to ensure the best designs, consistent messaging, and the right location to maximize your investment. Most importantly, collaborate with professionals you can rely on to help you start on the right foot.

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