3 Ways SEO Can Boost Your Law Firm's Marketing Efforts

 SEO Can Boost Your Law Firm's Marketing Efforts

With 400,000 law firms in the U.S. as of 2021, the competition is tight. It's no surprise that the best way to look for a law firm is through searching the web. So, how do you ensure that your firm comes up at the top of the search? That's where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. Done well, SEO can boost your rankings, thus helping your law firm grow.

Top companies have long figured out the best way to utilize SEO for boosting their traffic. As such, most of their customers come through organic search. It makes sense because when a buyer wants to purchase something, they will actively search for it online.

Hence, these are the ways that SEO can boost your law firm's marketing efforts:

1. Enhance Credibility

In order for the search engine's algorithms to produce dependable sources, they look for pages that are highly valued by most users. Pages that enhance user experience and are frequently cited by other websites are deemed authoritative and trustworthy.

As such, when your firm is cited often, it increases its credibility. There are three key areas to consider:

a. Content

Producing high-quality content on your website will enhance the experience of users.  With the recent update from Google's page experience algorithm, it's important to ensure that the content you produce on your website is highly relatable to your visitors. Here's a recommended reading to find out more about Google's Page Experience Update.

Always consider what your potential clients might be looking for in legal services. Then, write contents that might answer their needs. For example, if your firm specializes in divorce cases, you can consider writing 'How A Good Divorce Attorney Can Help You.'

You want to be able to create as much content as possible by discussing specific topics within the same category. Most searchers may use common keywords, but there are some queries that might be asked using a variation of keywords. So, be sure to diversify your content.

b. Backlinks

When other sites refer to your website with a link on their page, this is known as a backlink. The more other websites feature your link, the more credible your firm will be looked upon.

There are over 200 major signals that Google uses to define whether a site is authoritative or not. It's important to note that backlinks from authoritative sites are considered more authentic. Therefore, you want sites that are well-written and authoritative to create a backlink to your site.

Links that appear on websites that are less than a year old can sometimes be questionable. Therefore, you want sites that are well-written and curated to quote your firm.

c. Technical SEO

Beyond how easy it is to search for your firm via the search engine, technical SEO looks into areas like site security and sitemaps. This can be a complicated task, and an SEO consultant specializing in helping law firms can be of great help.

You want your website to navigate well, work fast while in a mobile setting, and meet all the search engine's guidelines. This will enhance user experience and improve site reviews, which eventually propels your credibility and visibility.

SEO roadmap

2. Boost Visibility

Having to compete with thousands of search results, you want your company to appear right at the top of the search results pages. This increases the likelihood of your firm being hired.

Keywords are extremely important in this instance. These are the words that are most likely used when searching for a law firm.

You can use Google Analytics to help identify frequently searched words that are related to your services. State the legal services that your firm specializes in on your home page, landing page, and even your social media platforms.

Clients are most likely to search for law firms that could represent them in their particular state. To further increase searchability, improve your local SEO by registering with Google My Business. This is a free service rendered by Google to help businesses stay relevant in their local scene.

3. Increase Clientele

Based on this recommended reading, The National Law Review conducted research that showed 96% of people looking for legal counsel do it through a search engine. Additionally, 74% of those who visited the law's website were converted to be clients.

It goes without saying, the stronger your presence and credibility in the digital market are, the higher the possibility of increasing your clientele.


The success of your law firm can be highly increased when you enhance the SEO. Besides increasing your credibility and boosting your presence in the market, it increases the chances of having more clients.

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