Why Laravel Is Preferred For Most Web Development Projects

Why Laravel Is Preferred For Most Web Development Projects

It is a fact that a powerful web development tool is like a genie to any project for a developer. With the surging success in the online market, on-site businesses have realized the need for entering the online marketplace. To establish your grounds on the same, you have to choose a particular framework with which your business website can be built.

There are ample choices for website development frameworks for any e-commerce website. But as part of the developer community with hands-on experience on every framework, we know what the best in this category is for you. Let me introduce you to the same.

Drum rolls!

Introducing Laravel, one of the most popular web development frameworks among the developers that excel in every area of judgment.


Understand Laravel as a powerful open-source PHP framework that is used to construct an exceptional CMS, website, or web application. You can utilize the existing components of the various frameworks to create a web development project in a more structured and pragmatic way.

Any of your web development projects can be developed in minimal time and planning from scratch with Laravel. Apart from that, the tons of basic features listed below will further help you in building a flawless website or application. Read on!

  • Modularity
  • Configuration Management
  • Testing
  • Building schemas
  • Templating engine and others.

History of Laravel

Let us get acquainted with its origin before getting into the other details!

Laravel 1 was released in July 2011.  It was developed by Taylor Otwell to give an excellent alternative for the older PHP framework named CodeIgniter that was released more than five years before Laravel. You would be astonished to know that the array of benefits it offers over the other frameworks are the robust factors that were the reason behind the development of this framework.

Indeed, he did exceptional work on creating a masterpiece!

Why was it developed?

The problem that persuaded Taylor Otwell for the development of this framework was when he recognized the hustle of coders in the development of web projects. He developed Laravel to ease down tasks such as authentication, routing, sessions, and caching that find use in an array of web projects.

Since this framework was developed to fulfill the shortcomings of the existing Codelgniter framework, Laravel covered many features that were missing in Codelgniter. Also, it was developed with the purpose of building custom web apps using PHP. It simply solved many problems of building web projects of any type.

Why is Laravel an ideal choice for your web development project?

Laravel isn’t just a regular framework. It came in the market with a bang and has maintained that popularity till now given to the best of features it offers for the development of web projects.

For a sneak peek, catch a glance at the below-mentioned mind-blowing benefits of the same.

Database Migration

Data is worth oil in any industry. So when any website is created, the hustle of managing a database between different production devices can be frustrating.

Although, in the case of Laravel, any modification in the database, sync across production machines can be done with ease by keeping all of the database functions in migrations and seeds. This high-end advantage of Laravel makes it exceptional for the Laravel developers to work on.

MVC Architecture

MVC, or say Model-View-Controller architectural structure is the foundation of the Laravel framework. It allows the developers to manage any huge project in a breeze by easing down the coding structure to work with.

It also reduces the stress of the task of searching the files for any respective logical directories while working on any large project. With the accessibility of how your website will look in the real world, this quality of Laravel helps to create an online masterpiece.

High-end security

Laravel imparts security like a bulletproof mirror to any website. It does not store passwords in plain texts, which decreases its risk for any chances of hacking. To avoid any unauthorized access, an automatic token is created while a user logs in.

This way, the password gets encrypted utilizing the Bcrypt hashing algorithm. With the help of ready-to-use SQL statements, any possibility for injection attacks on the servers is also eliminated.

Cost-effective framework

As compared to other PHP frameworks, Laravel is a pocket-friendly option given to its MVC design. While working on Laravel to build a website, three parts are worked on simultaneously. These are business logic, user interface, and controller. Each part offers the flexibility of being handled separately by different developers.  It cuts down investment costs and gives you budget relief while working with Laravel.

Community support

There are times when even developers need confirmation on a code or a bit of help during the development process of a website that the user aims for. In this tough time, Laravel developers always have extensive community support which they can rely on. They use a community of experts backing this open-source platform to help them resolve any concerns related to web development.

This eliminates any chances of bottleneck or delay in the website development project maintaining the efficiency of the developers.

Easy testing

To check if the website is performing well, unit testing in a Laravel framework works like a cakewalk. The unit testing feature enables a developer to test for one function or functionality at a time. It enables the developers to test and verify each part of the code to flawless work as an isolated system.

The out of the box testing tool of Laravel not only provides a unit testing tool but also a feature testing one. You can check for the website flow from this feature test. Overall, even the smallest of codes are tested for their outermost performance to build an ideal website.

It ensures smooth and flawless development of the website by making sure that the changes made by developers don't go wrong on the website.

Some other advantages that will leave your awestruck are listed below.

  • Exceptional website performance is the silver lining of using Laravel in your web developments projects.
  • It responds in the best way possible to any scale of traffic coming to your website.
  • The pre-installed authorization libraries make it flexible to use for building a powerful e-commerce website or professional B2B site.
  • Be it the payment system or any third-party integration, Laravel makes it easy to build a well-functioning and responsive website.
  • Website maintenance is a cakewalk while creating a website with Laravel.

Wrapping up

Given the mass usage of Laravel all around the world, you can understand the superiority of the same given to its endless range of best features on the table. It is not only popular in the present but holds a bright future where it can help e-commerce businesses hit the mass market all at once. So, if you are looking to be a business tycoon in the future, you may hire Laravel Developers, and get it done easily!

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