Why is React.JS so Popular in Startups?

React.JS so Popular in Startups

If you've ever wondered if you should use React.JS or why it has become so popular and in demand, we're going to talk to you about it now. In general, we can't say that this library has any advantages specifically for startups, rather it has general advantages that are common to all areas. So, let's take a quick look at this topic and understand why well-known companies like Accenture, TechMagic, and EPAM are pushing React.JS so hard.

What is React.JS?

Yes, it is a seemingly trivial question. Perhaps you know the answer to it, but it's never a bad idea to go deeper and remember the basics one more time, which will probably answer our main question.

As we know, ReactJS is a Javascript library developed by Facebook specifically for creating user interfaces. It is used to develop highly responsive and stable pages or websites. With it, you can forget about traditional web pages forcing you to lose time due to delays when moving to the next page. “Lightning-fast” websites developed with ReactJS avoid this cycle and update content on the same page the moment the event occurs.

You'll say: but the same effect can be achieved simply by using JavaScript and HTML (CSS if necessary). When the page is loaded, you can manipulate the DOM tree with JavaScript functions and change the content of the page, making it interactive without having to request a new HTML page. So, why do you need React JS?

Why React.JS?

React.js has been at the top of all the ratings for the third year in a row. Some developers have no complaints about this library at all, as it is rapidly developing and becoming more stable.

Notably, React.js is not a framework, it is a library. But it has such a broad functionality that the tool can often be used without additional integrations. The resulting front-end will be just as spectacular.

React was not created by an independent programmer, but by a huge company. We are talking about Facebook, so it has huge support for this company. Based on this development environment, such services as Whatsapp, Instagram, and Twitter are working successfully today. All of them are very fast and attractive. This has ensured a very high level of trust in React.js.  You can also hire reactjs developers for affordable prices.

Why So Popular?

There are also several reasons, which are undoubtedly pluses for us, why React has gained so quickly in popularity:

  • React is only JavaScript, and it has very little API to study, just some features and ways to use them. So, if your JavaScript skills are good enough, you can be sure it will help you become a great React developer. There are no barriers to entry. A JavaScript developer can easily become a good React developer in a very short period of time.
  • React gave developers the ability to proclamatory describes user interfaces, as well as a state model of those interfaces. Simply put, instead of describing every operation on interfaces, developers now only need to describe those interfaces in terms of the final state, as a function. When a state undergoes any change, React relies on that change to update the corresponding user interfaces.
  • Convenient and easy work with the DOM API. Through the use of React, developers are able to work with a virtual browser, which, one might say, is even nicer than the real one. We can even say that the virtual browser is a kind of intermediary between the developer and the real browser.

The Advantages of React.JS

We delve into the subject of the library to understand why it is so popular. Now, let's spend more time on the technical aspects and take a look at the advantages of ReactJS.

Virtual Document Object Model

Instead of the slow and inconvenient interactions directly with the real document object model, React interacts with its lightweight copy, the virtual DOM, so that the real copy is updated only after interacting with the virtual one.

Consequently, the virtual DOM provides developers with two major advantages. Let's talk about them now.

  • Effectiveness

React stores two versions of the virtual DOM in memory. The up-to-date virtual DOM and the backup copy of the DOM from before the update. After the update, React compares the two versions to find the different elements, and then updates the only part of the real DOM with changes.

This process seems at first glance to be over-complicated and time-consuming, but it takes much less time than updating the actual object model of the entire document and therefore optimizes the DOM experience.

  • High performance

One of the vital goals of any startup is to write a web application that is fast and responsive, providing the best customer experience possible. The virtual DOM, unlike the real DOM, takes up little space and updates quickly, thus improving the performance of the application.

The virtual DOM allows the page to immediately receive responses from the server and display updates.

Reapplication of Components

When working with React.JS, reusable components are created: most often, a UI component can be used in other parts of the code or even in different projects almost without changes. For instance, you can use a React Dashboard Template if you want to create a fast and responsive web app. These Dashboard Templates are collections of many useful React components and libraries.

Moreover, React application developers have access to open-source libraries of ready-made components. This reduces development time, which is very important for startups that need to save not only money but also time.

Downstream Data Flow

One-way data flow in React is another very useful feature. This data flow is also called “top-down” or “parent-to-child”.

The explanation is quite simple - in a React application, data transfers between elements in only one way. Top-down data flow prevents errors, makes debugging easier.


React.JS has proven successful in creating interactive user interfaces, which is why it is so popular. We can say unambiguously that React is a worthwhile library, which is becoming more and more popular every year. So, if you are creating a startup or want to improve your skills in designing custom web interfaces, you are free to use this library.

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