What Web3 Pre-seed Investors Look for: Essential Insights for Your Startup

What Web3 Pre-seed Investors Look for: Essential Insights for Your Startup

As the decentralized internet, or Web3, continues to revolutionize the digital landscape, understanding what pre-seed investors seek becomes crucial for entrepreneurs in this innovative realm. This article offers an in-depth look at what Web3 pre-seed investors look for and provides insights on leveraging this knowledge for your startup.

Unique Value Proposition

Investors favor startups that offer unique solutions to real-world problems. Your product or service should fill a market gap, or provide an innovative improvement to existing solutions. Conveying your value proposition clearly in your pitch can significantly increase your chances of securing pre-seed funding.

The Team

A strong, diverse, and committed team significantly boosts your startup's success chances. Your team should possess technical proficiency, business acumen, industry experience, and a penchant for innovation. Demonstrating your team's capabilities can be crucial in gaining investor interest.

Market Potential and Product-Market Fit

Web3 is a rapidly growing yet competitive market. Investors are keen on startups that display a strong understanding of their target market and a clear strategy for market penetration. Evidence of product-market fit, backed by comprehensive market research and user feedback, can convince investors of your project's potential.

Technological Viability and Scalability

In the tech-centric Web3 space, your startup's technological underpinning is key. Investors will scrutinize the technical feasibility of your project, including your chosen blockchain platform, scalability potential, and innovative features like smart contracts, DeFi, or NFT capabilities.


Web3 startups often utilize their own tokens, creating an intricate token economy. Pre-seed investors will look for a solid understanding of tokenomics — how your token integrates into your business model and how it's designed to drive user engagement, provide utility, and increase in value. A robust token economic model signals to investors that your startup has a sustainable growth strategy.

Capital Efficiency and Financial Projections

Investors are interested in your ability to efficiently use the funding. A well-planned budget covering initial development, marketing, hiring, and operational costs, plus realistic financial projections showing potential ROI, can bolster investor confidence.

The Roadmap

A clear project roadmap displaying your strategic planning can be enticing to investors. It should include milestones for development, marketing, partnerships, user acquisition, and importantly, token distribution and utility development.

Leveraging this Information

  • Craft Your Pitch: Use the outlined factors to develop a compelling pitch. Emphasize your unique value proposition, team strength, market understanding, tokenomics, and financial plan.
  • Assemble a Stellar Team: Gather a team that combines technical expertise, industry knowledge, and entrepreneurial enthusiasm.
  • Understand Your Market: Conduct thorough market research and ensure your product meets customer needs.
  • Focus on Tech Excellence: Guarantee your project's technological feasibility and scalability.
  • Develop Your Tokenomics: Plan and articulate a comprehensive token economic model that supports your business levers.
  • Plan Financially: Create a realistic budget and financial projections to illustrate potential ROI to investors.

Armed with these insights, you are now primed to approach Web3 pre-seed investors with confidence and clarity. Consider reaching out to esteemed entities such as Shima Capital, Blockchain Founders Fund, 6th Man Ventures, and Struck Crypto.

Understanding what Web3 pre-seed investors look for can considerably enhance your chances of securing funding. Success lies in aligning investors' objectives with your startup's potential and contributing to the evolving decentralized web landscape. The advent of tokenomics adds a new layer to this equation, underscoring the importance of a comprehensive approach to planning and strategy in the Web3 startup space.

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