What Makes a Productive Office?

Its the question that every dedicated office manager should be consistently asking themselves: how do I make my office more productive? Productivity is strongly correlated with the success and profit-generating potential of businesses. Each and every staff member can fluctuate wildly in the energy that they put into their work, and if these fluctuations are predominantly low, youll find that the workload youre completing each week can be as much as halved. This is unacceptable, and ultimately the fault of the office manager. In light of this, listed below are five key areas in which you can enhance the productivity in your office.

  • Keep it Clean

A clean and tidy office will mean there are no unwelcome distractions for your staff, no overflowing bins, no dusty corners, and no wilting plants to be seen. Dont spare any expense in creating a clean and tidy workspace. The specialists at My Technicare will help you keep on top of the large-scale office chores that can be difficult to keep clean without such professional help.

  • Motivational Mornings

There are two ways in which your staff can enter the office. The first is in a daze, slowly dropping into their chair and waiting for the coffee to boil over before they lazily click their monitors on. The second, far more desirable option is to have them motivated from the get-go. How can you do this? Many offices bring in class leaders for an optional 15-minute session in the mornings, from yoga to military drills. Others simply provide a pleasant breakfast.

  • Social Design

You workers should feel that theyre able, encouraged, even, to share jokes and communicate across the space of the day. You can design your office space in this way, with modern, open-plan seating. Youre the manager, and as such, youre always able to put a stop to excessive talking, but keeping these lines of communication open for stressed or uninspired staff should be top of your agenda for office design.

  • Incentives

Most staff appreciate incentives in one guise or another. You should always be dropping hints that hard work will be rewarded by office parties and nights out or days in pleasant surrounds. Of course, you should follow through on these promises should targets be hit or the workload is dealt with in an adequate way. More specific salary-boost incentives can work one of two ways: for some, they are inspiring, but for others, they set up an unhealthy air of competition within the office itself.

  • Added Perks

Many modern office spaces enjoy some particular and welcome added perks. For instance, those who wish to cycle or jog into work should be provided with lockers and showers. Those who like to hit the gym at lunchtime would be incredibly grateful for an on-site gym. A fit-for-purpose canteen with excellent food available for your employees at reasonable prices will likewise go down a treat. Think of what and how you can add to your office to make it a more pleasant place of work for your staff.

Office productivity is achieved through a variety of measures, some of which are discussed in this simple guide.

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