What is Youtube Demonetization?

What is Youtube Demonetization

Companies and individuals the world over are making money by uploading videos to Youtube. For some, their very livelihood depends on it. But, there is fear in the back of every Youtuber’s mind that they’ll wake up one day to find they’ve been demonetized. So, what is Youtube demonetization?

What is Demonetization?

Demonetization is when your videos, or channel as a whole, get flagged by Youtube for breaking their guidelines in some way. Whilst this can happen through reporting, this is most commonly done via an automatic process. This process runs using Youtube’s infamous algorithm. If the algorithm flags your video or channel for demonetization, you can no longer earn revenue directly from Youtube for that content. If your entire channel is flagged, this can also turn off your membership and SuperChat features. However, during this time, advertisements will still be shown on your content. The only difference is you’ll no longer be getting a cut of the revenue those ads generate. This is a lose-lose proposition. You aren’t earning revenue but your viewers are still watching ads. Perhaps even under the impression that doing so helps to support your channel.

How to Avoid Demonetization

The demonetization rules are really just Google's policies. These are publically viewable and content creators should read them. To give yourself the best chance at avoiding demonetization, here is a list of good practices to follow:

  • Check your titles, descriptions, and thumbnails. Avoid using anything which may be inappropriate or offensive.
  • Avoid swearing as much as possible. Even if it means editing your content to do so. Youtube is not a fan of profanity.
  • Avoid covering topics that could be controversial. This includes subjects such as firearms and even politics.
  • While they are popular, reaction videos are not explicitly good or bad in Youtube’s fair use policy. This means that although the content may generate a lot of traffic, you could see demonetization for using content you do not own.
  • Look backwards, not just forward, if you’re concerned about demonetization. Whilst adopting these best practices going forward will help you, it’s also possible to have older problematic content. After all, you might not be thinking about that old content anymore. But, everything is fair game to the algorithm.

What if You Do Get Demonetized?

If you’ve been unlucky enough to run afoul of Youtube’s bot, don’t fret – all is not lost. You can submit a request for the specific content to undergo review by a human being. However, this process can take a while. Potentially weeks to months, depending on where you happen to fall in the queue. It also depends on how busy the bot has been lately. Majority of cases where the demonetization was a mistake of the algorithm, users can reapply for monetization. Or, it may even be directly reinstated in some instances. Whilst it can be frustrating and scary to lose revenue, please keep in mind the analysts assigned to review your case don’t necessarily know why the algorithm decided to take action in the first place. They are there to help you the best they can.

If all else fails, or you’re just looking to diversify your revenue streams, you can also look beyond Youtube for monetizing your content. This can mean using other platforms, such as Daily Motion, Vimeo, or Floatplane. Or, work with a content monetization platform like Vlogbox.

Whether you’re lucky or unlucky with the algorithm, there’s no need to live in fear of demonetization. You now have the knowledge you need to go forth and conquer.

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