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What is Relaythat.com_ How You Can Use It-315Sometimes hiring a designer to create the graphics you’ll use is a bit out of your price range. However, not hiring a professional designer can scrambling to deal with the design aspects of your marketing. If you can’t afford a designer then you have to do it yourself.

Why Are Graphics Important

Look at Facebook. Or Twitter. Even better, take a look at Instagram. What do these social media platforms have in common? Images play a big part in the way successful brands communicate on those platforms.

Graphics work because visual content is more appealing than text. In fact, the human brain is hardwired to recognize visual content much quicker than text. Using graphics helps you create a cohesive look and build brand recognition.

When your audience sees your images, they come away with your brand messaging faster than if you simply told them who you were and what you are about.

Graphics enhance your social media posts, email marketing campaigns, and all marketing strategies you use. It has been shown that audiences engage with visual social media posts much more than text only posts.

Design With!

With, you won’t need amazing Photoshop skills to create content. You become the designer. Get your message across much faster with the images you create in Relaythat.

What do you want to say with your content? Creating your own graphics gives you control over the design process and the final output. You don’t need to try to convey your thoughts to a designer and hope they can figure it out. makes it easy to:

Create a Cohesive Look

Chances are you’re creating content for several channels. Relaythat helps you design across multiple channels while keeping a unified, brand look. Relaythat also adapts your content to different platforms automatically, saving you time.

Auto Re-size

With a single click, you can re-size your images automatically for the platform you are posting to. No need to check the dimensions for images going to Facebook or Twitter. Relaythat has you covered!

Built-In Themes

Are you a beginning designer? Relaythat comes with themes with the best color combos for a quick look.

Boost Engagement

Your brand deserves recognition. Get it with designs you’ve created yourself in Relaythat. Boost engagement, search rank, and likes with Relaythat.

Help with Ad Creation

Some platforms will reject your ads if the text is over a certain word or character limit. Relaythat automatically keeps your text in check.

Relaythat helps you create your own optimized graphics without any design experience. Try it out!


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