What is All the Fuss About Adobe Express?

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You thrive on creating excellent content for your customers. And you know that video and imagery are key online.  However, your video and graphics have been a little weak. So what can you do? Adobe Express (formerly Adobe Spark) is the newest thing that fits the bill – it’s just been released by the makers of Photoshop. It is the definition of user-friendly; particularly when it comes to helping with video.

A Powerful Idea: Ease of Use

Adobe Photoshop is capable of just about anything. However, it can be a bit challenging to use.  As well, it’s a cost investment that many small businesses are not ready to make. With the cost and learning curve, many marketers are looking for an alternative and now they have one.

Adobe Express brings graphic and video design back to the average consumer – particularly for social media graphics and blog post images.

So How Does Adobe Express Work with Social Media?

Adobe Express is a web browser-based interface and in-built content management system with big, bright buttons noting the actions you want to take. Choose the template for your image from the landing page and easily work on any of the following:

  • Social Posts and graphics – Perfect for invitations, memes, and announcements;
    you create the image using Adobe Express and move it easily to your blog post
  • Pages for Web Stories – Best for showcasing photo journals and catalogs
  • Animated Video – Presentations and narrative storyboard-like videos

If you’ve ever been a content manager for your website and dealt with the headache of trying to manually create images for a website, Adobe Express is for you. Once inside Adobe Express friendly user interface, at the bottom of the screen, the platform lets you choose how you want the content you create to look. The Pages for Web Stories option is quite useful for stand alone pages like a wedding photographer service, wedding ring seller or event announcement page.

There are social media benefits to Adobe Express as well. There are Pinterest, Facebook advertisements, Facebook Cover photo, LinkedIn, and Twitter templates within the system and ready to use. Basically, all of the social networks, as well as your blog platform, have quick-start templates. It cuts time and effort and keeps your branding consistent by allowing you to use the same template for your next project.

A Powerful and Intuitive Animated Video Creation Tool

With all the options neatly laid out, Express allows you to create a “video slideshow” that renders into animation. You can tell a story by choosing your onscreen template in the video section. It even suggests images once you lay out your parameters. Sets up your mic to capture the story you're telling. You just add your photos to each slide.

If you’ve ever used or seen a tutorial on Photoshop, then you’ll recognize the slides format at the bottom of the Adobe Express video animation screen. The slides list loads some suggested images, or you can upload your own. At the end, just play the slideshow to see how the video turns out.

With the ready-made templates and easy video creation abilities, Adobe Express is a benefit to social media marketers and website content managers. It saves time and effort and creates a high-quality end result.  Since images are so important in communicating well online today, it’s critical to find “go-to” tools to help you get the job done efficiently and effectively.  This is a tool that can help!

PS   The featured image was created with Adobe Express!



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