5 Ways Successful Companies Handle Negative Customer Feedback

5 Ways Successful Companies Handle Negative Customer Feedback

Negative reviews towards any company cannot be overlooked. Out of the population of different customers you serve from your company; there is always a small number with a different taste from the general population. They will raise their complaints about the dissatisfaction with the service or the goods. When this arises, you must respond to the negative customer feedback tactfully; otherwise, you risk messing up the market for yourself.

Here are 5 ways that are used by successful companies to handle negative customer feedback.

1. They Are Proactive, Not Reactive

Responding to customers with negative reviews requires a tactful response. Successful companies have mastered this. It is the most effective response you can offer to a critic in the review and comments section. Customers are encouraged by reactions that do not seek to vindicate the company at the customer's expense. Such responses are regarded as proactive since they aim to make things better by addressing the customer's concerns. On the other hand, reactive responses are meant to forgive the company from the customers’ complaints, a trait that does not work well for customers.

2. They Apologize and Empathize with Customers

Offering apologies for wrongs that the customer deems on the company's part is another innovative way for successful companies to handle negative customer feedback. They acknowledge the shortcoming on their part and apologize for the inconveniences this might bring to the customer. Besides, they are keen to empathize with the customer and do all they can to make things right for the customer. This attitude is one of the traits that keep them on top.

3. They Respond as Soon as Possible

Fast and immediate replies are very anticipated by customers. Customers feel valued and cared about when a company responds to their reviews immediately. If the company's response is delayed, the customers could feel like they are an afterthought to the company. When dealing with negative customer feedback, successful companies are quick to tactfully respond and set things straight with the customers before things run downhill.

4. They Ask for a Second Chance

Successful companies know that customers' esteem and trust are to be exalted, and therefore, whenever a negative review is posted, they are quick to amend the situation. They seek an opportunity to address the customer concerns better. A second chance is always an opportunity to make things right. The critical customers hence feel honored and valued.

5. They Encourage More Feedback

Successful companies esteem the responses and reviews that they receive from their customers. They, therefore, encourage more feedback from customers. This helps the company to gauge the level of satisfaction that customers are getting from the business. The company also gets to know where they are lagging and need to do better to satisfy their customers. The more reviews that a company receives translate to better interactions with their clients.


Successful companies differ from other companies by the way that they handle negative customer feedback from the customers. Mismanaging customers via exchange of words and altercations is not a prudent way to manage a business. There are tricks to handling customer dissatisfaction. These listed here are some of the ways that make successful companies become a cut above the rest.

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Christine James believes that every customer has a voice. She is the Community Manager at (a customer complaints website) and loves talking to customers on social media about their challenges with Fortune 500 companies. Her work has been published on Huffington Post, Inc., SocialMediaToday, and Thought Catalog. Follow her on Twitter @hissingkittycom.

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