Unveiling 3 Common Types of Forex Scams and Tips to Avoid Them

Types of Forex Scams and Tips to Avoid Them

The Forex market is known for being the most liquid and biggest financial market at present. As such, the forex market deals with trillions of dollars worth of trading volume every day. With the advancement of technology, it is now even easier to access the market through digital platforms. You can even place orders via sophisticated FX robots. But as much as it is crucial to have trading strategies with acceptable risk management techniques, as a trader you must also be aware of forex scams. These often take place within the industry and target all users. Having prior knowledge of various types of scams and how to avoid them in the first place can prevent you from facing any unnecessary situation.

Forex scammers and money launderers continuously look for more methods to stay ahead of novice investors. Nevertheless, the following are the three primary types of forex scams consumers are frequently exposed to. Learning how they operate can be the very first approach toward escaping them.

1. Signal seller scams

Individuals that offer forex signals often give out potential trades that contain a currency pair, entry price, trend, stop loss, and target levels. These are known as signal sellers in FX. This type of scam can occur via the unverifiable promotion of unrealistic claims. Here they may require you to pay large membership charges to gain access to the markets. Or they may start off modest and then utilize credit or financial information for other types of money fraud.

Certain signal sellers demand trading signals upon signing up with a particular broker. This implies they potentially receive a commission from the brokerage. Therefore, they have an incentive to give you any deals, irrespective of the profitability.

It is often a good call to consider it a red flag if the signals don’t have a proven track record. This is especially important if it's been performing well and making high returns a few times.

2. Robot scams

FX robots primarily initiate and execute trades using some pre-established algorithms. These help traders overcome certain challenges that come with manual trading. Now, not all bots are scams but it is better to stay aware of some factors while choosing an FX bot. This will help to avoid unpleasant scenarios. One of the major giveaways in these cases is extreme claims that are too good to be true. While using trading bots can certainly be beneficial it cannot provide unrealistic returns. Another instance can be using bots with unauthorized brokers. Even if the performance may seem profitable it may charge wider spreads and commissions. Thereby,  resulting in losses in a passive way.

3. Phony trading scams

Currently, there seem to be a lot of advertisements for fake currency trading schemes and phony fx investments. In short, a persuasive marketing approach or salesman would persuade you to invest in a forex fund using unreal or possible outcomes. Chances are these entities will never confirm the payment. This is just another way to scam your money in the name of forex investment. Another result may lead to even opening an actual account for you. However, the brokerage will not have a registration. In this scenario after a few trades, the money from your account will most likely start disappearing. Chances are they might put the blame on the market volatility. Meanwhile, the brokerage firm might just be taking the money in the first place.

How to stay away from such scams?

Make sure to weigh all the benefits and drawbacks first. Restrain from making any hasty decisions. Selecting a trustworthy FX brokerage is certainly the most important thing to do to minimize the risk of scams. Considering realistic claims is also something you need to stay away from. After going through the regulations and reviews of the broker, start with a modest amount for live trading. In FX, it is always through extensive research and devoting adequate time one can prevent such financial scams.


With the increasingly expanding nature of this market, the amounts of scams are on the rise as well. As with any sort of financial investment, conducting proper research is the best approach. Take initivate to protect your capital from such Forex scams.

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