Twitter and Facebook Updates for February 22th

Facebook Updates (1)

We’ve seen some major social media updates this year and it’s only February! Here are a few key ones to keep you up-to-date and on track with your social media marketing…


Making it Easier for Organizations and Businesses to Help People during a Crisis

Facebook already has an extremely helpful feature that lets people friends and family know their safe during a crisis in their immediate area.

But now Facebook is taking it one step further and allowing businesses and organizations to post in the Community Help section too. Now critical info on items and services needed in the community that’s been hit by the crisis can be added by the businesses and organizations on the ground to help.

Facebook confirms test of a downvote button for flagging comments

Finally a dislike button! Well, not exactly, more of a “downvote” to let Facebook know what you want to see in your newsfeed. It will be an easy way for people to signal to Facebook when something is inappropriate or they don’t desire to see it.


Facebook is making it easy for consumers to mark a post as offensive, misleading or off-topic. I think it will be a step in the right direction to eliminate some of the scamier posts.

Facebook pushes for more personal updates with launch of new Lists feature

Now you can create a “to-do” list right on Facebook.

Create a list of anything, places to go, things to see, and add a colored background for it. The idea is that friends share and comment on each others list and hopefully join together to create and accomplish the list.


If business pages and groups are allowed to create lists this could be a new way to market to your followers. A tour company could create a list of everything one needs to get and take on their next trip and send a link to their tour participants. The participants then could like the page or join the group and “meet” their fellow tourists before the tour even starts.

Right now it is is “Profiles” only, so time will tell if it catches on and expands or not.


Twitter is killing its Twitter for Mac desktop client

If you’re an avid Twitter user that also uses a Mac you may have an issue. Mac users now have to go to Twitter directly rather than use the Mac app.

Does this mean that Twitter may not support TweetDeck any longer? We’ll just have to wait and see.


If you’re a Twitter user and a Mac user like most of the web designers and digital marketers are you will have an issue and have to create a workaround and new systems and processes for your Twitter marketing.

Lot’s of changes coming down the line for all the social networks. Hopefully, they are good changes that will make our lives easier.

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