Top 10 Most Expensive NFTs Ever Sold

Top 10 Most Expensive NFTs Ever Sold

NFT is a term that comes more often whenever we talk about blockchain or cryptocurrency. These Non-Fungible tokens have now expanded to include literally anything and everything that’s digitally unique.

While anything from a piece of art to a tweet can be registered as an NFT, not every NFT has the potential to make you millions of dollars. However, some people can really throw away those MILLIONS just to get their hands on something uniquely amazing. I mean, gone are the days when we used to buy insanely expensive games such as Cyberpunk 2077, huh?

So, today we are going to take a look at some of the MOST outrageously expensive NFTs ever sold!

10 - Crypto Punk

Starting off this list with one of the most popular artworks collectibles on the Blockchain, CryptoPunk. These are a MASSIVE collection of characters that has crossed over 10,000 completely unique characters that are totally algorithm-generated with no two characters being the same!

They have been out and around for over 5 years now and each of these unique characters can be owned by a single person in the world. But you'd be totally amazed to know that one of these algorithm-generated characters was sold for over 1.3 MILLION dollars!

9 - Auction Winner Picks the Name

Indeed, this is a weird name but the story behind this is equally fascinating because the next item on this list isn’t your typical NFT but Auction Winner Picks the name is one of the very few non-visual NFT that’s been sold for such a high price of 1.3 MILLION.

But what is it actually? Well, it was a song by 3LAU that was not really named and the owner decided that whoever wins the bid for this song, would be able to name it and hence the name “Auction winner picks the name”.  Interesting right?

8 - CryptoPunk 2890

With literally too many characters to choose from, CryptoPunk has become one of the highest-selling collections in the world. With the last selling for a price of over 1.2 MILLION, I thought that was it. BUT CryptoPunk’s 2890 character seems to surpass even that.

Selling for over 1.4 MILLION dollars, it sure is unbelievable. There are even people buying these characters to get a feeling like they own an expensive watch.

7 - Genesis Estate 

Who doesn’t want to own properties all around the world at some of the most expensive yet prime locations? Now doing that in real life sounds exciting but buying virtual property in-game is outright insane!

However, Flying Falcon spent a whopping amount of 1.5 MILLION dollars to buy a virtual piece of land in an estate game. I mean, spending a thousand bucks on expensive CSGO skins was one thing but this! If this doesn’t make you believe in the future of NFTs, I don’t know what will.

6 - The Best I could Do - Rick and Morty

The next item on this list makes me believe that people would spend money on literally ANYTHING! I mean just look at this weird simpson-ic Rick and Morty adultified portrait that was sold for over 1.65 MILLION DOLLARS! And you might be wondering why? Apparently, because this comes from the creator Justin Roiland himself.

Well, in that case, I think if you are popular enough, you can literally sell anything as an NFT if you want and the rich people would just buy it anyways.

5 - The FIRST Tweet

Speaking of selling anything as an NFT, the next item on this list comes from the CEO of Twitter. Apparently, he decided to put his very first tweet on Twitter up for an NFT, and soon it was sold for a whopping price of almost 3 million dollars!

The most expensive tweet ever sold and it makes sense why someone would want to own a tweet that apparently everyone can see and nobody cares about, but yeah, it makes sense.

4 - Crossroads

I am sure you must have heard about this EPIC sale that made headlines a while back. This artwork was created by a popular artist Beeple which actually portrays Donald Trump as a failure. And apparently, people were extremely attracted to this as it was sold for over 6.6 MILLION dollars by the end of the auction.

And this isn’t the only artwork by Beeple that’s made them so much money, there is another on this list ahead.

3 - CryptoPunk 7804

Here we are back again with another CP character that has made a lot of money for the creators. This one comes from the small collection of 9 alien characters and it was sold for around 7.6 Million dollars. And by this point, I am not even surprised because anything can happen.

2 - CryptoPunk 3100

The next one on this list is another alien character from the CP pack and it was sold for a WHOPPING 8 MILLION Dollars! Making it the most expensive crypto punk character ever sold in the world.

1 - Beeple’s - The First 5000 Days

Moving onto the number 1 on this list, we have not one but apparently 5000 artworks in a single art. This comes from the Beeple and these are all the 5000 artworks that they made over the years.

And as you know by now, people went crazy for this NFT, and by the end of the auction The First 5000 days sold for over 69 million dollars! The most expensive NFT ever sold in the world.

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