Tools You Should Use To Check The Quality Of Your Links

Tools You Should Use To Check The Quality Of Your Links

Links can make a difference to your search engine ranking. Regardless of whether your website is big or small, whether you are just getting started with your website or you want to give it a boost, it’s important to always check the quality of your links.

If you’ve got high quality links, you can be assured that your search engine ranking will continue to rise. If you include low quality links in your website, expect that you’ll get penalties from search engines sooner or later. The penalties can have a negative impact on running your website.

If you don’t want that to happen, consider an internal link audit and make sure to use the following tools to check the quality of the links:

  • SEMrush

SEMrush is one of the best tools to check the links of your website. SEMrush takes pride in having a huge database of information that is updated every day. This daily update allows you to check your website’s link information accurately.

With this tool, you can monitor and check your website’s backlinks and your competitor’s backlinks. SEMrush also helps you to look for ways to beat your competitors in search results. This can track different competitor websites at once and enables you to see the links that point to your domain.

With SEMrush’s in-depth link analysis, you can check incoming links, see the anchor texts used, review the link’s domain authority, view the titles and URLs of linking pages, and learn where the links come from.

SEMrush also helps you to understand who is linking to your website and the authority of the website. With this understanding, you can check whether the links provide any link juice to your site. Basically, link juice refers to the value passed from one website to another.

If you want to understand your backlinks thoroughly and take advantage of the information you’ve obtained for better link building results, SEMrush is the perfect tool.

  • Moz Link Explorer

Moz Link Explorer provides valuable data, which helps you to create better links for your business. With Moz Link Explorer, you can check your links and get results in just a few seconds. It’s also a good link checker tool which enables you to acquire more insightful data to conduct more efficient and effective link building research.

The tool works easily. You only need to enter a website in its search bar and get information about the links. The information generated includes data about the inbound links, authority of the linking page, spam score, and the anchor texts used.

Moz Link Explorer also lets you fix the broken links in your website, discover lost or new links, research some competitor links, use link data to make better content, and discover some new link building opportunities.

  • Ahrefs

Another tool that you can use to check the quality of your links is Ahrefs. It’s popular among online businesses as it provides massive information that can help you acquire backlinks and manage your links.

The tool provides information, including the number of times the domain linked to your website and the domain rating. It also lets you see lost, broken, and new links to a website. With some new links, you can generate more with such websites. This will help you to get more links in the long run. Through lost and broken links, you can contact the websites that linked to you initially and get your links back.

Ahrefs also allows you to monitor the profiles of your backlinks. This can help you to see the progress of every link and the traffic it gets. You can also see the pages that drive most of the success. All in all, Ahrefs can be helpful in checking the quality of links. Whether you are checking your links or your competitor’s, you’ll get useful information that will help you revamp your strategies to obtain quality links.

  • Majestic

Majestic is one of the most well-known and oldest link checker tools. It offers various benefits to businesses. One of these advantages is that it provides more information that will help you to understand your links. It provides information including backlink history, referring domains, and external backlinks. With this information, you gain valuable insights on who is linking to your page as well as how you can get more backlinks for your website.

  • Open Site Explorer

This tool is one of the favorites of marketing professionals. The main goal of this tool is to help you develop a quality inbound link profile. Basically, Open Site Explorer can be used to research backlinks, locate best link building opportunities, and discover some links that hold your site back.

What makes Open Site Explorer different from other tools is that it’s convenient to use. Once you run your search, expect to get results within a few seconds. You can also guarantee an in-depth experience that is easy to understand and can help you take action immediately.

  • SEO PowerSuite’s SpyGlass Tool

Another great link checker that you can use for your website’s links is the SpyGlass Tool of SEO PowerSuite. This tool helps you to learn more on backlink reports, factors of link quality, and anti-penalty audit. It gives you lists of the links pointing to your website or to your competitor’s website.

With every report generated by the SpyGlass Tool, you gain access to good quality and high-level information that ranges from the backlink status to the number of links.

If you need assistance with link building, this tool can help you to run a deep analysis on link quality. In this analysis, the links will be checked with many quality factors like relevancy, This will help you to gain a better understanding of which links can have a positive impact on your website’s search engine rankings and which can ruin your progress.


If you want to make your business website grow, you should use high quality links and check your links regularly to ensure the quality of your links. This will also help you avoid penalties. SEMrush, Moz Link Explorer, Ahrefs, Majestic, Open Site Explorer, and SEO PowerSuite’s SpyGlass Tool are some of the effective tools for this purpose. Through the use of those tools, checking the quality of links is fast and easy. Just choose the one that meets your business goals to keep your website optimized.


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