5 Ways to Skyrocket Your Link Building Results

Link BuildingGetting high-quality links to your content can be a significant challenge. You know that you need people to notice you and share your content, but how? There are a lot of disreputable options link building, but those generally don’t get you the search engine optimization (SEO) boost you’re looking for.

You can’t give up, either. Inbound links from reputable sources are one of Google’s top three ranking signals. Links are essential if you want to be found online.

You need solid strategies that will help you promote your content to the right audiences who will then link to and share your content. You also need ways to watch for mentions of your company, products, and services so that you can reach out and ask for a link in those cases.

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways you can do link building right. Here are some tips that can skyrocket your link building results.

Create Longer High-Quality Content

When people look for content to link to, they want fact-filled posts that help them prove the point that they are making. That means that short, poor-quality content is not going to cut it. You can post an opinion piece that’s 300 words if you’d like, but it’s not going to move the needle.

Instead, focus on doing fewer posts that are longer and let you really dig deep into your topic. Do the research and include a lot of statistics that help strengthen your argument and inform your audience.

Not only should the post be high-quality, but you also need to write about topics that will always be relevant to your audience. Grabbing a niche news story and writing about it today may be timely, but next week or next month no one will care anymore.

Invest in Infographics and Video

96% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service, and almost 80% say that watching a video convinced them to make a purchase. Videos are more popular than text, e-books, or presentations.

Infographics are an extremely important tool as well. An infographic allows you to share a great deal of complex information in a simple way. They engage both the reading and image parts of the brain, and as a result are highly memorable and very likely to be shared.

If you create this kind of content for your website, you will be giving people great reasons to link to you. After all, the video or infographic you created is exactly what their audience wants to see as well!  Here's a guide on how to build links with infographics.

Reach Out to Journalists

Wish you could get a link in the local online news, or in a major publication like Time or the New York Times? It’s not as hard as you think. Help a Reporter Out (HARO) lets you connect with U.S. journalists and offer your expertise as a source in their stories.

Of course, when they quote you make sure they are linking back to your company. Having a high-profile reputable news source link to your website can give you a significant SEO boost!

There’s no one more knowledgeable about your industry, company, products, and services than you. Be willing to talk about anything from trends to economics to business practices, and you’ll be surprised how many times you can answer a query!

Write Guests Posts for Link Building

I suppose it’s fashionable to declare that guest posting is dead, but that’s far from true. Not only can you get a link to your website from a reputable company or blog, you also have the opportunity to connect with an audience that needs your product or service.

To find a great guest post opportunity, look for companies that serve the same audience you do but in a different way. If you offer a complimentary or simply different product, they may be willing to let you write about a topic that interests the audience. Instead, work with a skilled SEO company that can help you write and place content on relevant sites to boost your SEO. For a comprehensive understanding of the digital marketing landscape, resources such as can be invaluable.

This isn’t an advertisement! Write about something related to the needs the audience has. When you show a clear understanding of them, they will be willing to visit your site to find out more about what you offer.

Don’t have time to write guest posts given your other responsibilities? That’s understandable! Instead, work with a skilled SEO company that can help you write and place content on relevant sites to boost your SEO.

Look for Existing Mentions

The good news about all this content creation is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time. Someone may have already mentioned you online, but you just don’t know it yet.

Use Google Alerts or social listening tools to keep an eye out for mentions of your product, company, or name. When you find them, reach out to the website owner and see if a link can be added to the mention. You’ll get a great link without any extra hassle.

When you take these steps, you’ll find that you have a ton of excellent content that you can promote for links. You’ll also find opportunities to turn existing mentions into inbound links. This will help you do far better when it comes to link building.

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