How To Use Google Apps To Organize Your Virtual Team

How To Use Google Apps To Organize Your Virtual Team
One of the biggest problems with work projects today is finding the right way to communicate effectively online.

Every team has dreamed of finding a way to work on the same presentations, documents, and spreadsheets without thousands of emails going back and forth.

Enter Google Apps: A powerful online suite of business software tools from Google.

With Google apps, there is no need to send files through email and deal with the pain of sorting through it all to find the single file you want. There's also no need to try and retrieve the file again at a later time if someone made updates to it.

With Google apps, everyone on the team will be able to use Google Docs, Slides, and Google Sheets with shared access to files.

This allows the team to edit the same file - even simultaneously - and talk to each other within the files. In this post, I’ll dive into some of the ways Google Apps can add value to team communication.

Collaborating With Team Members

When it comes to working together on projects, it can sometimes be challenging to keep up-to-date on projects and schedules. Deadlines and tasks are constantly changing.

Put all your tasks and tracking together in one place with the help of Google Sheets, which is the Google version of Microsoft Excel. This will ease the pain of trying to access and makes changes to the same project plan, or update team members on status and task changes.

Making Use Of Calendars

Create a project calendar to keep the team updated on the latest due dates and milestones using Google Calendars.

You can keep track of the availability of team members and schedule important milestones and dates by sharing the calendar among team members.

Hosting Video Meetings

With Google Hangouts, teams will be able to work from all over the world via video meetings and chat. With this app, everyone will be able to talk face-to-face without spending loads of money on traveling.

No need to talk face-to-face? Keep the chat tool open in your browser with one or more team members so you can have quick, short bursts of communication as needed. The beauty of this option is that it works on desktop, tablet, and smartphones.

Use Google Drive And Apps

As noted, there really isn't a need for the Microsoft Office tools when using Google Apps. Create your own files with Docs (like Word), Sheets, and Slides (like PowerPoint), and store them all in Google Drive so you can access them from anywhere you log in.  This includes tablets and smartphones!

Easily share files with the “read only” option, or use the "editable permission" option to make and view changes to a document.  This includes the ability to revert to a prior, unedited version.

Google Apps is a great way to collaborate and to stop messing with sending files via email each time changes are made! Using Google apps for your business can bring your virtual team much closer and make corroborating easier than ever.

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