How to generate leads on Instagram using OptinMonster


One of the largest hurdles for online businesses is to generate leads and increase conversion rates. It can be hard to manage typical day-to-day operations, serving your customers, and attracting new customers effectively. This is where lead generation has become a vital part of digital marketing. It creates new, simple ways to attract customers to your business. There are many platforms you can use to advertise your business online, one of which is Instagram. Instagram is growing at a much faster rate than both Facebook and Twitter. With over 1 billion active monthly users and 200 million business profile visits per day, you should leverage Instagram marketing to make more sales. By using a tool such as OptinMonster in conjunction with Instagram you can generate even more leads.

Generate Leads on Instagram Using OptinMonster

OptinMonster was founded in 2013 as an online lead generation tool that integrates with platforms such as Shopify, WordPress, and Magneto. It’s now the go-to lead generation tool for almost any platform. Use Instagram marketing to send visitors to your website and your OptinMonster campaign. With the help of Optinmonster, you can increase your conversion by following these tips:

Invest in lead generation ads

Ads have always been the go-to strategy to create brand awareness and make sales. To create a lead generation ad on Instagram, the account must be connected to a Facebook Page. You can create targeted ads for lead generation purposes. Creating a lookalike audience from your current followers will often have great results.

Optimize your bio

The first thing any user checks after viewing your Instagram posts and reading the comments is always the profile. If the user is intrigued by your post, they will want to know more about you and see what else you post.

Your profile gives the users insight into who you are or what your business entails. This is why your bio should be optimized with your target audience in mind. There are 3 key elements you should have on your Instagram profile; a profile image, content and a link. On Instagram, you can only use one link so be sure to have this going to your webpage with the OptinMonster campaign. Content should include hashtags that you want your followers to use when sharing your product.

Instagram users want to follow accounts that add value to their lives, and if yours isn't, they will move on to the next.

Go live

It's hard to trust online businesses, which is why you should go live occasionally. Live videos will help you connect with your audience as they can see the faces behind the brand. The audience can also comment or ask questions that you can answer in real-time. Live videos are a great chance to encourage followers to a CTA.

Understand how to time it right, pay attention to who and where your audience is. You can't go live when your target audience is asleep; you want to be live when your target audience is active on Instagram.

Engage your audience

Your audience on Instagram has loyal and prospective customers. These users occasionally visit your business page to check out your products, hoping they'll find something that piques their interest. Responding to their questions and comments could be what convinces them to buy.

You can also create posts that illicit your followers' responses. Keep them engaged with good content and throw in give-aways or price reductions. Ensure that your brand is friendly and relatable to your target audience. Remember that engaging doesn’t always need to be a conversation, it can be a like on their comment, or an emoji.

Tease on-site content

Getting organic traffic on your website is hard, but you can make your work easier by pulling traffic from other sources such as social media. You can tease your followers by posting a snippet of your website content and CTA. This will drive traffic to your site. You can experience better by customizing a landing page to personalize the experience for Instagram users.

If you have 10,000 followers or more, use the additional swipe up feature for stories. You can tease snippets and attach a link, eliminating the classic ‘link in bio’ situation. Link to pages using OptinMonster lead generation forms to really optimize your lead generation.

Share more than just business

While it might be a business profile, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should always post business. Occasionally change the kind of content that you post and instead of creating engaging posts. It could be testimonials about from customers or employees. You could also create videos that show a behind-the-scenes look at your business. Share a few stories about the brand that resonates well with your followers.


Unlike Facebook or Twitter, where you can add links to your posts, Instagram doesn’t offer this feature. Therefore, you need to attract users to click the links in your profile. Generate leads on Instagram using OptinMonster by linking to an OptinMonster campaign on your site. If you implement these tips, you’re likely to score more leads and improve your sales.

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