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In today's world of constant content online, it's more important than ever that businesses keep up and keep their communities engaged with them by sharing more.

It’s too much for businesses to solely share their own content on social media platforms. Businesses need to find valuable content from trusted sources to share and augment their own content they create on their website and share.

Searching for good content, creating and scheduling messages, and analyzing the data can be a full-time task. Most small businesses have neither the time or resources to make it such, so what can a business do?

Enter PostPlanner! A tool that can help you find great content to share on Facebook and Twitter efficiently and effectively!

What is PostPlanner?

PostPlanner is a social media scheduling tool with subscriptions ranging from $7 to $80 a month. PostPlanner's primary goal is to help individual marketers and agencies find and share great content easily.

It also uses data to predict how your posts will fare and widen your reach and engagement. PostPlanner currently has over 200,000 users since its inception 4 years ago and supports both Facebook and Twitter.

PostPlanner is available in multiple languages, including but not limited to Italian, French, Dutch, Japanese, and Spanish. It's also supported on mobile devices for easy use on the go.

PostPlanner's individual plans do have limits on the number of profiles a user can sync up; the starting subscription of $7 allows for 5 social media profiles.

There is also a limit on the number of posts and planned posts per day, which also fluctuates depending on the subscription amount.

Features and Benefits of Post Planner

Despite the conceptually simple premise, PostPlanner has a myriad of interesting features for users.

Content Curation

PostPlanner allows users to search for various content types, like images and articles, across Facebook, and Twitter for sharing.

Find what worked for others and then add that content sharing into your mix!

Time Saving Social Media Tools - PostPlanner

Post Publishing

Users can preschedule Facebook posts and tweets, to ensure steady publishing at optimal times such as evenings and weekends.

It even has a bulk upload feature where users can download a template, plan all posts in the excel file and upload the master file for scheduling, eliminating the need to input each message manually.

Then each post can be individually scheduled with a date and time post-loading. Schedule to multiple Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts at once, or customize the messages to each network.

Use the Sharebar to Link any web page to Yours

Now users can add their own brand to the curated content of others that they share.

PostPlanner lets people add a branded toolbar, either a text ad or email opt in, to make sure their brand gets engagement around the post and the bar links back to their website.

This is a great "win" because it provides value for your site even as you share helpful resources on others sites.

Find Great Photos & Visuals

PostPlanner has an extensive image library for choosing images to go with posts.

They have a "recommendation engine" that can be used to discover the best photos for a target audience, ranked by their top-secret "Virality algorithm".

Users can add your own Facebook, Twitter, Keyword or RSS sources at any time. The images include the ability to search and share images from Instagram!

photo-feed-to share

Social Analytics

PostPlanner uses algorithms to provide data around which types of posts will get the most engagement, so users can post what their niche is looking for.

Users can also find engagement metrics in the "posted" section of the application to see data around messages they've already posted.


PostPlanner allows users to easily re-post old messages whenever they want to continue promoting their best content and get re-engagement, or even reach new users.

This is a great time-saving tool for sharing "evergreen” content multiple times on Facebook and Twitter.  I have items scheduled to repeat every 1-2 weeks for 6 months for example.


Consider PostPlanner for your timesaving and value-adding content needs for Facebook and Twitter! For more information on pricing and features, visit PostPlanner at

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