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Advancing technology and the needs stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic have made it possible and important for various industries to conduct virtual conventions, conferences, and tradeshows. However, the key to the success of such events is a virtual conference platform that makes it easy to create and host the events, be it a single session or webinar of numerous sessions spanning multiple days. One of the best virtual conference platforms to host your virtual event is vConferenceOnline, which packs many incredible features. 

Below are some of the event options, key features, and benefits of using the vConferenceOnline virtual conference platform.

Event Options to Use vConferenceOnline

You can use vConferenceOnline for the following virtual event types:

1. Conferences

vConferenceOnline provides unmatched support, power, flexibility, and power if you need to hold your virtual conferences. You can hold one session or multiple events lasting several days without much hassle. The platform also supports monetization options during the conference, such as advertisements, exhibitions, and games for the attendees.

2. Job fairs

These events focus on building professional capacities; therefore, vConferenceOnline allows for files, images, and video downloads about companies, live chats with other stakeholders, and more. Members can also share links to their social media profiles, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, among other unique provisions for job fair events.

3. Trade shows

Displaying your products is an important aspect of successful trade shows. With an exhibit hall that features customizable booths and interactive chats, vConferenceOnline meets every participant’s expectations.

4. Education

Useful for tracking attendee participation and testing participant understanding in any educational session. Since most organizers give attendees certifications after completing the training sessions, it is important to ensure that those awarded attended all the sessions. vConferenceOnline has the necessary tools to track and award attendees, including options that automatically grade participants.

Why Use vConferenceOnline Platform?

vConferenceOnline is not a new player to virtual events.  The inspiration, around 2008, to develop vConferenceOnline came in supporting a 600,000 member online community site, SSWUG.ORG.  It arose out of a need to hold webinars, and eventually full virtual conferences.  Existing options at the time also lacked the ability to facilitate demonstrations in real-time, which led to the birth of vConferenceOnline. Some benefits of using this platform include;

1. Creating Engaging Online Events

The platform fosters communication between virtual attendees, providing the same experience they would expect by attending the event physically. Members can watch facilitators presenting, ask questions, visit exhibition booths, engage in round-table discussions, and interact with other members in chat lounges.

The platform also facilitates multiple simultaneous sessions, which provides a similar experience to in-person conventions, where you get to choose sessions to attend. Networking opportunities are very beneficial in any conference. For this reason, vConferenceOnline has a built-in chat capability, which allows attendees to connect privately with each other, engage industry leaders and exhibitors. With this, you won’t lose the opportunity of making important connections with high-value attendees.

2. Enhanced Value of Industry Events

Unlike in-person events, virtual events powered by vConferenceOnline enable members to attend several sessions at a go. If you attend the conference in person, you will be at one place at one time. As such, you might miss key speakers you would like to listen to or engage with. However, with virtual conferences, you can catch all on-demand sessions, presentations, and discussions.

3. Fosters Connection

Unlike other platforms, vConferenceOnline boosts connection by allowing access through smartphones and desktops, regardless of their location. The chat lounge highly resembles the lunchroom commonly used in in-person events where conference attendants discuss specific topics over lunch.

Event organizers can use the tool to create several chatrooms with varying topics. With this, attendees get to choose their preferred chatroom based on the assigned topics of discussion. This feature is beneficial in highlighting individual areas of interest.

The platform not only benefits speakers and attendees but also provides opportunities for exhibitors and sponsors of the conference to interact with attendees. Exhibitors can use banners, posters, and other customized solutions in their booths. They can also advertise between sessions.

4. Affordable Pricing Models

Virtual platforms should be a bargain for organizations looking to host events and conferences. Some price packaging options of vConferenceOnline include;

  • Multiple virtual conferences – includes multiple shows, several sessions, several booths, analytics, and allows up to 3000 attendees.
  • Single event package – the option is available as a single package.
  • Single mini-event package – caters for a single event, 3 sessions, 5 booths, and up to 3000 attendees.
  • Unlimited webinars – it is an annual package that caters for unlimited webinars lasting 2 hours with 3 booths and supports more than 3000 attendees.

Use vConferenceOnline for Your Virtual Events

Integrating virtual components in events and conferences will likely become a norm over time. Hybrid events, which include both virtual and in-person attendees, will also increase exponentially. Such events complement in-person and virtual attendees for a powerful combination. Companies can maintain on-site meetings but can enhance their value by providing virtual options.

Regardless of whether your organization plans to host an entirely virtual or hybrid conference, vConferenceOnline is a good option as a virtual conference platform. It provides a seamless experience cost-effectively.

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