The Top 4 Reasons You Should Be Thinking About Podcasting

The Top 4 Reasons You Should Be Thinking About Podcasting

Whether you have a business, or just a passion you want to spread the word about, you should consider a podcast as a way to promote it. 

A much overlooked platform is podcasting. Podcasts are not difficult to do and can be very powerful when it comes to driving traffic, creating brand awareness and promoting ideas.

If you aren’t podcasting, then you are leaving money on the table for your business and not reaching a potential market full of fans that may love what you’re trying to promote.

In this article, I will go over several reasons you should be adding podcasts in your marketing arsenal. 

1 - Convenience for the consumer of information

People love to absorb as much information about something they are interested in as possible. And everybody has their preferred method of how they consume that information. Whatever they prefer, it has to be convenient. Which is why so many people love podcasts to listen to. 

Next time you are in rush hour traffic look around. Every person you see in those cars is somebody who is very likely listening to a podcast. It is a great way to listen to topics that you are interested in to make the time pass faster.

And people also love being productive so they use their time when they can’t be reading or watching a video by listening while in the car or train. 

2 - Cast a wide net with a Podcast

There is a group of people out there who are just waiting to become big fans of whatever it is you are doing. And by using a variety of mediums, you have a better shot at finding them.

When you start creating a podcast you are casting out a very wide net that will bring in new members to your audience and many of them will become loyal followers of your podcast and your brand. They will engage with your blog or Youtube channel and look to consume as much of your content as possible.

3 - Low barrier to entry

All you need to get started is a decent microphone and a little patience to learn how to use the software to put together some decent audio recordings.

Then a bit more time to learn how to upload your podcast to the different platforms like iTunes and Stitcher.  For a couple of hundred dollars and a few days of learning you are ready to launch. It’s as simple as that.

4 - Become an authority

To become a name in your industry you have to build some credibility. And one of the best ways to do this is through podcasting. It gets your name out there and will definitely draw attention from others within your industry.

There will then be opportunities to do some collaborations with other experts in your field and build up your brand or make a name for yourself. You may even be invited to speak at events within your industry and further cement your reputation as an expert on the topic.


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