The Perfect Backlink

perfect backlink

Building the perfect backlink to your website is a powerful way to achieve higher page rankings and web traffic. Use these tips below to get higher traffic to your site:

  • Use high authority links: These links are from .edu, .gov or top publisher sites. Google looks for high-authority links when it crawls the web, and associating your site with high value links will grow your SEO .
  • Create valuable content: With all the online content being produced, make your content beneficial to your readers. Like this blog post, provide real value to website visitors. The better your content, with good backlinks, the better your chances of growing your rankings.
  • Use relatable, relevant links: Use industry specific keywords and links. If you work in construction, try linking your blog posts to construction news sites or online construction forums. Google will recognize the relevance of those connected links.

Hope these help! Good luck!

Thanks to our friends at Red Website Design for this great inforgraphic:

the perfect backlink

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