The Increasing Role of Automation Systems in our Lives - Great Opportunity or Threat?

Increasing Role of Automated Systems

Artificial intelligence has managed to firmly gain a foothold in our everyday lives. Smart machines are gaining more and more widespread use every day. They can monitor production and make diagnoses. Some of them are able to maintain dialogue and solve difficult problems. However, with the development of artificial intelligence and robotics, more and more technical, social and economic questions arise. In this article, we will try to figure out what automation and artificial intelligence will eventually become - a threat or a helper for humanity?

Research in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence has taken one of the leading positions in modern science. There are a lot of companies working in this direction nowadays. Each has occupied its own niche and develops one direction or another. Almost every day, news comes into our field of vision that in one way or another relates to developments in the field of artificial intelligence.

Optimistic thoughts on artificial intelligence

Not everyone believes that intelligent machines are a potential threat to humanity. Humanity will be the master of its own technologies for a very long time. Technologies that we have created on the basis of artificial intelligence will help solve a number of problems and tasks that humans cannot solve on their own.

The claim that artificial intelligence is useful and not directly a threat can be seen in numerous fields. First of all, it is successfully used in finances, education, sports, and trading. It’s worth noting that automated Forex trading robots have made the task easier for customers. These robots are widely used in stock trading as well. In short, artificial intelligence is not always a threat, however, the creation of algorithms that will lead to the emergence of full-fledged artificial intelligence is only a few decades away.

We cannot predict with certainty what exactly will happen when machines surpass us in intelligence. That is, we cannot make predictions about the unambiguity of the behavior of machines.

The former world chess champion Garry Kasparov does not see any negatives in the development of artificial intelligence. Kasparov protests the position that the widespread use of smart machines would become a threat to humanity. According to him, humanity should not resist the changes that are brought by machines, with artificial intelligence.

True, he admits that humanity will inevitably face dramatic social changes - for example, robots will gradually replace people at workplaces.

Pessimistic forecasts regarding the development of artificial intelligence

You have repeatedly read statements of famous personalities in the media about the threat of artificial intelligence. This is one of the favorite topics of the American billionaire and businessman, founder of SpaceX and Tesla - Elon Musk.

Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple - they all already know a lot about you. The artificial intelligence that will be created within these companies will have a lot of power over people. And the concentration of power on one hand always creates huge risks.

The famous theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking also spoke about the potential threat to artificial intelligence. He argued that in the future people will be able to create such a form of intelligence that will take the initiative and will constantly improve. The possibilities of people are limited by too slow evolution and humanity, having no chance in such a struggle against machines, will lose.

How will artificial intelligence change our lives?

It would be worth paying special attention to this. The changes the development of automation and artificial intelligence introduce affect everyone today. According to the research organization McKinsey Global Institute, we should expect dramatic changes in the labor market in the next ten years. New technologies will save about $50 trillion.

Virtually all of the day-to-day work will be outsourced to smart machines, as they can do it faster and better. The changes will affect hundreds of millions of jobs. At the same time, not only low-skill workers will suffer in the process of automation.

For example, you can take the investment company Goldman Sachs, which at one time fired 600 traders, leaving only two people and automation software algorithms. A staff of 200 programmers was formed to service the algorithms.

Although there is another side to the coin. So, recently Elon Musk said that excessive automation at the Tesla plant was his big mistake. He also adds that people underestimate others. The company found itself in a difficult situation due to a shortage of workers in the process of automation production for the Tesla Model 3.

Real threat

More recently, you could read about an Uber car that, while working offline, hit a pedestrian with fatal consequences. There was also news of the death of a Tesla car driver who was driving on autopilot. Of course, in these specific situations, one should not blame systems that work with developments based on artificial intelligence technology.

However, it should be noted that artificial intelligence in modern conditions is a valuable assistant for humans. He can diagnose cancer, identify suicidal tendencies, help us solve everyday and global problems. Developments in this direction are potentially capable of improving the quality of life of every inhabitant of the planet, so the field of artificial intelligence requires ordering and regulation, not a ban.

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