The Greatest Tips on How to Schedule Employees Effectively

how to schedule employees effectively

As a manager, you have plenty of things to deal with including taking care of your employees and their daily schedules.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to know how to schedule employees effectively. You want everyone to be happy and have all of your shifts covered at the same time.

How can you make sure you are doing it the way it needs to be done while worrying about all of the other factors?

Read on to learn about some ways you can make scheduling your workers seamless and easy so you can put your focus on the task at hand.

Foster an Environment of Openness

Sometimes, scheduling conflicts occur when employees are too timid to tell their managers about appointments or other events that could prevent them from coming to work. When people don't tell their manager about their plans, it creates a chaotic environment.

To combat this problem, let your employees know they can tell you about any plans they have in advance.

This will ensure that you can move shifts around as needed to help you prepare for schedule changes.

When your workers feel comfortable telling you they'll be unavailable, it makes changing schedules around much easier. If they fail to inform you of any time they need off and don't show up, you could be left with no one to cover their shift.

Make sure that everyone knows it's OK to ask for time off every once in a while. When you create an open-door policy, people will be more open and honest when they do need to miss a shift.

Try a Two-Week Schedule

Instead of trying to schedule your employees on a weekly basis, look ahead on a two-week schedule instead. This two-week window will give everyone a much better timeframe if they need to take time off.

Once you develop the two-week schedule, everyone should be able to see it posted. That will allow employees to make changes well in advance if they need to miss a day.

A two-week scheduling plan helps to open the lines of communication. It also makes it much easier for you as a manager so you can see what plans are much further in advance.

Use a large calendar, bulletin board, or chalkboard to post the schedule in a place where everyone can see it. Supplement this by emailing everyone the two-week schedule so no one can say they weren't aware of it.

How to Schedule Employees Effectively Through Software

Scheduling employees is much easier than it was in days of old. Thankfully, new apps and software programs allow you to enter information online and create a universal schedule everyone can see.

You can try this software to keep all of your scheduling information in one central place. Quick updates through the software help to make changes a breeze.

Scheduling software allows you to adjust time slots, dates, and other information in a fast, streamlined way. Give every employee access to the schedule online so they can easily take a quick look at it whenever they want. Some scheduling software programs even include an integrated time clock calculator. This allows you to track hours worked for payroll purposes and can bring every facet of your business together all in one singular program for easy use.

Through the use of software, such as Wallchart resource scheduling, you'll no longer need to worry about scribbling information down on paper. Simply log in, make your changes, and save them as needed.

Some resource scheduling software programs even include an integrated time clock. This allows you to track hours worked for payroll purposes and can bring every facet of your business together all in one singular program for easy use.

Check Your Staffing

If you're wondering how to schedule employees effectively, it could all come down to your current staff levels. For instance, if you find that it's becoming more difficult to cover every single shift, it might be time to hire new people.

Take a close look at the schedules you've put together in the past. If you notice a pattern of gaps or difficulty getting people to fill in, you may want to consider a new hire or two.

If your current staff is overworked, it can backfire big time. Make sure that everyone is getting the hours they want and need without pushing them too hard.

Scheduling conflicts can make managing a business more stressful, so make sure you have the staff level you need to cover every minute. Consider having a meeting with your current employees to see where they stand.

Create a Policy and Stick to It

One of the best, most effective ways to handle scheduling issues is to create a company policy and then stand by it for all employees. If you need to be notified of a schedule change in advance, let everyone know that all changes must be made by a certain time and on a certain day of the week.

When it comes to time off, have employees fill out a request and give them a set minimum number of days in advance. Let them know if they fail to put in their time off request per the policy, it could be denied.

Of course, there will always be exceptions for certain scheduling changes. However, a stringent policy will create a framework and guidelines that will keep everyone on the same page when it comes to scheduling updates.

Make Scheduling Easy

Now that you know more about how to schedule employees effectively, it should make managing a much more streamlined process. Create policies, check your staff levels, and use scheduling software so everyone is on the same page.

With a few updates to your scheduling process, keeping track of everyone should become easier with time.

If you're looking for ways to grow and add value to your business, please be sure to visit my website today!

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